About Us

Through years of branding expertise and multiple skill sets in each area of strategy, design and development, we create experiences that convert consumers into life-long loyal customers. We eat, sleep and breathe Commerce. 

We Craft Brand Experiences

DigitlHaus is a team of designers, developers, branding specialists and marketing strategists who come together to form one team with a focused mission; bringing eCommerce experiences to life. We play hard, and work even harder. We love what we do and we love seeing our clients succeed.

What Our Clients Say

  • DigitlHaus has been a fantastic design and development partner. Creating a website can be a daunting task but their patience and expertise made all the difference to our team. Not only are they are incredibly fast and always responsive but they took the few assets we had and turned our website into a modern yet sophisticated place to tell our brand’s story. Highly recommend

    Erin, Simply Venom
  • Building a custom website for us that works across all platforms. They listen to our requests and make it happen or come up with even better ideas! DigitlHaus has a great team that is working well for us. I would recommend to any business that wants to work with professionals.

    Mark, Spartan Blades
  • DigitlHaus is creative and professional. Their customer service is excellent and they are always prompt and available. Their development and marketing teams are top notch as well.

    Chip, Indo Board
  • They are responsive, timely and most importantly they do not inflate your costs along the way as many others do. They stretched their hours for us few times when the underestimated things and did not ask for more $, not taken long tome to finish (like others would after bumping you down the priority list in such event, yeah I have done it for a long time and that is how it works). Overall, they are 10/10 and I highly recommend them for all, especially if you had bad experiences with others before.

    Rafal, Referee Store
  • The DigitlHaus team was very easy to work with. The communication was clear, and follow-up was extremely prompt. I appreciated the perfect balance of warmth and professionalism. We’ll definitely be doing business again with DigitlHaus.

    Mellissa, Beauteabar
  • To say I was impressed with DigitlHaus would be quite an understatement. What I really appreciated was their responsiveness – that is not a trait I’m accustomed to encountering (even though I think it should be the standard). They were thorough and paid attention to the small details. When I discovered some additional tasks I wanted to do, they quickly took care of them even though it wasn’t a part of our agreed upon scope of work. Price was reasonable and in line with the project. I’m already putting together a list of for another project I want them to tackle. I highly recommend them!

    Joe, Blue Water Vitamins
  • DigitlHaus is great to work with! I used them to create a custom calculator feature on our website as well as to trouble shoot a javascript error so far. After evaluating them against several other BigCommerce partners, I chose them because: 1) They got back to me the fastest with a intro call and with a quote; 2) The actually read my RFP (many don’t!); 3) Their pricing is very reasonable. They delivered the first project ahead of schedule. Throughout the process, they remained very organized, keeping track of things in Base Camp. I’m starting a new project with them and plan to keep working with them for the foreseeable future. Highly recommend this company!

    Jacob, ABC Window

Our team is always up to date on the latest and greatest technologies in the eCommerce industry. We partner with solutions that we know can help our clients succeed. If there’s is a solution you’re interested in or if you would like our opinion on what would work best for your business, ask us!


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DigitlHaus is a full-service digital agency that specializes in eCommerce design, development and marketing.


Florida, California, New York