Blissoma is an independent, women owned and operated skin care company that provides organic skin care products designed to help those who suffer from sensitive skin.

Blissoma is devoted to creating cruelty-free and certified vegan products. They use traditional herbs combined with cutting edge technology. Their unique extracts are made in-house. The company purchases materials from local farms and extracts their herbs by hand without extensive processing.

Blissoma needed an online presence to reflect their commitment to compassionate and gentle skin care.




Before partnering with DigitlHaus, Blissoma was on 3DCart. This platform was outdated and lacked many of the eCommerce capabilities that they needed to grow.

Blissoma was using a purchased theme from 3DCart that didn't include or support modern conversion tools and advantages that most eCommerce platforms had. The company’s conversions were suffering across the site, and they needed a change.

They needed a way to allow for adequate customizations to their promotions and product line. On their current site. they could do this, but text embedded into images failed to view properly on mobile devices.

Blissoma had recently updated their branding, their old site however, did not reflect these changes. They wanted a seamless user experience through social, print and web with their new image. Anything less would not work, professionalism is crucial in their industry.

One of the brand tiers in Blissoma’s product line called “Ecosystems”, was buried into their current catalog and made hardly any existence to their customers. They wanted a way for customers to distinguish different brand tiers within the Ecosystems product line. This feature needed to incorporate a fun and engaging way to learn about the products and navigate users to them.

As social presence is a big driver for the Blissoma brand, they were hoping to integrate their catalog into Instagram. This integration would allow customers to shop through the popular app and purchase products from their eCommerce catalog; this integration, unfortunately, was not possible with 3DCart.



  • Platform Migration
  • Data Migration
  • Creative Direction
  • Customer Experience Strategy
  • Prototyping
  • Responsive UX Design
  • Custom Development
  • Search Engine Optimization




The team at DigitlHaus did a platform comparison for Blissoma. Initially, they were leaning toward the Shopify platform, but when we compared details for each of their needs, they decided that BigCommerce was the best choice.

We migrated Blissoma’s data and content from 3DCart to BigCommerce. We migrated the following data points:

  • Blog Posts
  • Customer Reviews
  • Customer Information
  • Orders
  • Products
  • Categories
  • Web Pages

Our developers wrote custom automated scripts that mapped each of their data points into BigCommerce. This way, Blissoma’s new site required very little additional setup.

Our UX team designed a fully customized shopping experience for Blissoma. We incorporated their new branding, while adding unique textures, styles and aesthetic to bring their skincare brand to life.

For educating their customers on brand tiers like the Ecosystem line, we custom developed an interactive product finder on their homepage. Customers could search through the company’s catalog based on their own skin care needs.

Throughout the updated site, our team integrated UGC from Instagram. We incorporated photos, testimonials and reviews to show brand trust and product confidence.

With sleek carousels and modern hovers, our designers ensured that the shopping experience was engaging. Blissoma’s beautiful product and lifestyle photography brought life to the digital experience and complemented the UX choices.

Blissoma was using a third-party reviews system called Trust Spot. They were unhappy with the out of the box interface and front end. Our development team was able to fully customize the UI of the reviews app, while also customizing the UGC experience to match their brand.

To sell on Instagram, we integrated the native BigCommerce Instagram shop within their store. This provides them with a seamless management and cataloging experience.

BigCommerce also provides native faceted search and filter options that we included in the custom build. These eCommerce capabilities allow users to easily navigate Blissoma’s extensive catalog of products.



  • BigCommerce Enterprise
  • Trust Spot
  • Looty
  • Elfsight
  • Store Mapper
  • JotForm
  • Klaviyo




Blissoma has seen incredible growth from their redesigned website and use of the BigCommerce platform. They now have a responsive and manageable online storefront that converts and drives traffic.

The company can easily add new products, manage banners and launch go-to-market campaigns. Their updated tech stack has been integrated seamlessly into BigCommerce, allowing them to access analytics and conversion tools.

DigitlHaus and Blissoma work together to ensure the store is maintained, optimized and is providing a competitive user experience.

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  • Total Sales

  • New Customers

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