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Founded in 1921, Chas. E. Phipps provides contractors with high-quality, innovative products, equipment and technical expertise. Phipps mainly distributes concrete accessories, concrete repair materials, sealants and coatings to residential and commercial contractors, so they can build and repair local industrial and commercial buildings, infrastructure and concrete wearing surfaces. 

Customers and suppliers consider Phipps to be a first choice local distributor of high quality and innovative products and equipment both online and off.

Phipps was outgrowing their platform and user experience. They needed a solution quickly. With specific requirements, it was important they picked the right agency to partner with.




Before partnering with DigitlHaus, Phipps was on the Magento platform. As Magento 1 was soon ending, they wanted to change to a new platform that was easier to manage and update.

Phipps was experiencing functionality and feature issues with their site. They needed the ability to set up wholesale customer groups and pricing. In Magento, this feature required a custom build. They wanted their new site to cater to its business-to-business (B2B) clientele and direct-to-consumer (DTC) customers. There were many customer focused features that Phipps wanted to integrate into the new site to make this easier for different level shoppers.

Phipps often received calls from customers that couldn't find products while shopping online, luckily these calls turned into phone orders, but even then, they wanted to go completely digital. There were many pages and complicated steps within the navigation and add to cart process. These issues all severely impacted their bounce rate.

To enhance the search experience, Phipps had an idea to label (with visuals) products to inform customers about application techniques. Having many products that visually look the same is challenging to the customer, this would keep the customer informed at all times.

Phipps’ competitors provided their customers with material/job calculators. These calculators allowed users to input information about a construction job and estimate the materials needed. Phipps wanted to remain competitive by including a similar feature on their rebuild.

Beyond sales, Phipps also offers rental services. Their Magento store didn’t have a way to add rental products or check rental availability, therefore it was an offline experience and exchange.

The company also needed a “Request a Quote” and “Make Me an Offer” feature. This would let customers request price quotes on larger orders for products that were not readily available on the company’s website as well as make offers on used equipment.

Due to their poor experience with agencies in the past, Phipps needed to partner with an agency that they could trust, but also take their eCommerce to the next level. Phipps needed a clean, modern, and feature focused build.



  • Platform Migration
  • Content Migration
  • Customer Experience Strategy
  • Responsive UX Design
  • Custom Development
  • Custom Integration
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Conversion Rate Optimization




The team at DigitlHaus ran a platform and tech stack audit for Chase E. Phipps. In tandem, we planned out and decided on the features, functionality and customer flow. After much evaluation between Shopify Plus and BigCommerce, we decided that BigCommerce Enterprise would solve all of Phipp’s issues, save them on costs, as well as give them much more out of a platform.

We designed and developed a fully custom shopping experience on BigCommerce. We built and integrated several custom features that helped Phipps save on their monthly technology costs as well as provide new sales funnels. Some of our custom features included:

  • MAP Pricing: Customized pricing based on customer grouping.
  • Make Me an Offer: Phipps could sell and consider offers on used equipment.
  • Request a Quote: Customers could request quotes on bulk products.
  • Rental Check: Provides rental dates, times and location availability for rental products.
  • Materials Calculator: Calculates how much product is needed for a specific job.

Our team migrated all of Phipps’ webpage and educational content from Magento to BigCommerce. As most of these articles were built into a file system and custom library, we customized the BigCommerce blog and segmented the content by tags. We ensured that all their SEO data was retained during this transition.

We designed customized badges for application types that can be easily added to a product from the admin. This helps inform customers about concrete application products easily from all product listing views without having to go to the product page.

Finally, since Phipps’ ERP was custom integrated into Magento, we needed to ensure that we could create the same the connection into BigCommerce. We worked with our integration partner, DCKAP. They integrated their custom connector specifically for their ERP called Cloras. This connected their ERP flawlessly to BigCommerce, while keeping their customer and order data safe and secure.



  • BigCommerce Enterprise
  • Doofinder
  • Store Mapper
  • Jotform
  • Mailchimp




After launching their new website on BigCommerce, Chase E. Phipps now has a leading edge on the B2B market in their industry. Their new site features a modern, user-friendly and professional experience for all customer levels.

By utilizing native BigCommerce B2B features and developing custom applications, Phipps saves 34% per month on total ownership cost compared to Magento.

Using BigCommerce page builder, Phipps can easily manage their product catalog, add pages and change content within the admin. - A feature they struggled with on Magento.

Their redesigned user experience has increased sales in every department.

Phipps continues to provide excellence to their customers, but now in a new, redefined way.

  • New Customers

  • Rental Conversions

  • Customer Retention

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