BigCommerce vs Magento

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  • Magento development requires specialty
  • Magento costs more
Integration with apps
  • Both platforms offer APIs that make it easy for developers to integrate your eCommerce site
Reliability / uptime
  • BigCommerce owns everything down to the application (servers, PCI compliance)
Access to source code
  • For large retailers who need to perform real-time data mining, Magento is a better fit
Easy to update
  • Magento relies on design/dev agencies
  • Magento has complicated updates with licenses, plugins, etc
Low maintenance
  • Magento clients spend 10-12 hours/month communicating back and forth with tech teams
  • SaaS allows you to focus on higher value activities
Low total cost of ownership
  • Magento on-premise costs add up
  • In-house service integrators are only 9-5 not 24/7
  • SaaS lets you reclaim the 80% of your budget
Easy to scale
  • BigCommerce takes care of server redundancy and provisioning
  • Magento and other on-premise solutions, your IT team is responsibe for adding the infrastructure
Fast time to market
  • Magento is two to four times longer to time to market than BigCommerce

Migrating to BigCommerce?

If you haven’t heard, BigCommerce is the #1 SaaS Commerce platform for mid-market to enterprise businesses. With the lowest cost of ownership and a platform built to scale, we recommend BigCommerce as a one-size-fits-all platform to all of our B2B and B2C clients.

Re-platforming can be a lot of work and very time consuming, but it doesn’t have to be. With our migration services we ensure that all of your store data such as products, categories, customer and order data, reviews, content, webpages, and SEO is transferred from your current platform to BigCommerce precisely and efficiently.

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