01 Our Promise

Your #1 Trusted eCommerce Agency

We specialize in providing design, development and marketing services on the BigCommerce, Shopify, Magento
and WordPress platforms.

We’re eCommerce Experts

We live, breathe, and sweat eCommerce.

We’re Platform Partners

We partner with leading edge solutions such as BigCommerce, Shopify and Magento.

We’re Technology Partners

We partner with the best eCommerce applications available.

We’re a Full-Service Agency

We will be a full extension of your team.

We’re Negotiable

Depending on your budget and requirements we will create a package that will fit.

We Hire Top Talent

We do not limit ourselves to local talent. We hire the best in the US.

We Put Design First

We’re a design first agency meaning we put emphasis on your brand and visual identity before awareness and traffic.

We Have Experience

We have launched 500+ BigCommerce, Shopify and Magento stores.

We Put Clients First

We’re not a “big box” agency. Each client will get a dedicated resource and a full-stack team.

We Work With You Long-Term

We don’t deploy and run. We partner with our clients and ensure long term success.

02 Our Services

  1. eCommerce Design

    Our creative team is among the best in the industry. We produce future forward, engaging designs that connect with the consumer. The visual representation and identity of your brand is the first and last thing your customer will remember, make it count!

    • Website Design
    • Brand Identity
    • Logo Design
    • Color & Font
    • Theme Design
    • Brand Style Guide
    • Illustration
    • Social Content
    • Iconography
    • Ad Creation
    • Typography
    • Banner & Imagery
  2. eCommerce Development

    Simply put, writing code is a hobby of ours. We love it and we love challenges. If there’s a connection, application, or functionality that doesn’t exist, put us to the test, contact us today and we’ll build it.

    • Theme Customization
    • Data Migration
    • Custom Theme Development
    • Code Review & Audit
    • Custom Functionality
    • Speed Optimization
    • App Development
    • App & Plugin Integration
    • API Connection & Integration
    • ADA Compliance
    • Platform Migration
  3. eCommerce Marketing

    Is your marketing strategy efficient and cost effective? We are NOT an AI or computer generated marketing agency. We use actual data and implement custom thought-out strategies that are unique to your business, but most importantly drive relevant site traffic.

    • Paid Search Management
    • Social Ad Management
    • Google Shopping Feeds
    • Email Marketing
    • Content Marketing
  4. eCommerce SEO

    SEO is important no matter how outdated it may seem. Google is always changing rules and algorithms; it’s important to stay up to date and optimized. We will ensure your site is optimized on page and off, short term and long.

    • Technical SEO
    • Reporting & Analytics
    • Competitor Analysis
    • SEO Migration
    • On Page Optimization
    • 301 Redirect Mapping
    • In-Depth SEO Audit
    • Local SEO
    • Keyword Research
    • In-line SEO & Schema
    • On Page Content Writing
    • Implementation
    • Site Structure Analysis
  5. eCommerce Strategy

    There is always room for conversion improvement. Our strategists have built custom tools and processes to get into the nitty gritty to see how and where your site visitors are struggling and unravel what needs to be done to increase conversions and eliminate bounce rates.

    • Conversion Optimization
    • A/B Testing & Personalization
    • User & Heat-map Testing
    • Conversion Funnel Audit
    • User Experience Audit
    • Site Roadmap & Strategy Plan
  6. eCommerce Support

    Don’t have an in-house team? We can help! We will be an extension of your team and handle all of your eCommerce needs so you can focus on what you do best, running your business.

    • Monthly Development Service
    • Monthly Design Service
    • Site Maintenance & Updates
    • Staging & Sandbox Management
  7. eCommerce Copywriting

    Does your brand have a voice? Your content and copy is just as important as your visual identity. Your brand voice can set you apart from your competition and provide trust and confidence to your consumers!

    • Voice & Messaging
    • Core Messaging & Copy
    • Brand Positioning
    • Naming

03 Technology

Solution Partners

We partner with the best-in-class eCommerce solutions in the industry. We ensure that our team is fully knowledgeable, trained and equipped for implementation and customization. We’re always evaluating and adding new solutions and technology that we believe in and know can improve our Client's business.

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