Paid Ad Management

We partner with our clients to build and execute a comprehensive Ad Strategy Plan across search, display and social marketing channels. If your not getting relevant site traffic to your site, your definitely not going to get conversions. We successfully drive the best kind of traffic with the most cost effective plan.


Understand business, goals, budget, strategy and timing.


Setup campaign, tracking, extensions, keywords and content.


Push campaigns live and monitor.

Optimize & Report

Bid, keyword, ad copy, strategy optimizations and monthly reports.

What We Do

We’re Certified Google Partners. We plan and execute successful ad campaigns that bring relevant traffic to your site efficiently and affordably. The channels we service include: Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. 

  • Straight Search (based on keywords)

  • Dynamic Search (based on content)

  • Display Ads (targets users by interests, demographics, keywords, site placements)

  • Site Re-marketing (targets users based on their activity)

  • Dynamic Product Re-marketing (targets users with specific product ads based on their site activity)

  • Email Re-marketing (utilize email lists to target users on both search and display)

  • RLSA (utilize retargeting lists as additional audiences in search

  • Social Ads (targets users across social platforms with ads, posts, videos)

  • Social Targeting (demographics, interests, FB activity, email lists, re-marketing lists)

  • Shopping Ads (utilize product feed to show product ads on both Google and Bing)

Are Your Ads Optimized?

You’ve done your research, created your ads and you’ve hit launch, now what? Ultimately, managing your paid ads is more than just making little tweaks and hoping for the best. Rather, it’s a comprehensive strategy that takes dozens of factors into consideration to drive success. From ad copy and landing pages to negative keywords and the type of devices used, routine optimization and refinement of your paid ads is crucial to see ROI results. 

Partnering with DigitlHaus for Paid Ad Management

DigitlHaus partners with you to understand your short and long term goals to craft a unique, data-driven strategy tailored to your brand. We monitor, test and optimize your ads daily, leveraging what works, changing what doesn’t and capitalizing on new features and other platforms to drive ROI and set your business up for long-term success. 

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