We’re an award winning BigCommerce, Shopify and Magento Agency. No one does it better, we build stores that convert.

“We couldn’t be happier with the new store DigitlHaus has designed, branded and developed for us. Our site came in as a “Best New BigCommerce Site Design” winner of 2018, this is huge!”

“Being new to Shopify we didn’t want to be held to the basic themes they offered. DigitlHaus was able to design and develop a beautiful store theme that has the edge and simplicity our brand needs.”

“DigitlHaus has been a great addition to our in-house team. We have used them for 2+ years for strategy, consulting and development services. Their turn-around times are quicker than any agency we have worked with.”

“DigitlHaus is quick and efficient. They replied within a half hour on any questions I had and overall they know the ins and outs of BigCommerce.”

“We needed a agency that could support, consult and do the work at hand, DigitlHaus did just that. They know BigCommerce and they are efficient.”

“We were stuck on a basic eCommerce theme and needed a change. DigitlHaus was able to develop an amazing storefront for our brand that has already increased conversions.”

“The DigitlHaus team migrated and re-designed two of our stores from WooCommerce to BigCommerce. They brought our business to a whole new level we were trying to get to for years”

“DigitlHaus has been a great support agency for design and development as well as strategy. They have been able to meet our marketing deadlines on time and on budget.”

“We loved working with DigitlHaus, they were very easy to work with and their design and strategy team knows the fashion industry trends and branding.”

“DigitlHaus is an excellent design and development partner. They have been a great addition to our small team with branding and marketing projects.”

“DigitlHaus is a great agency to work with. We would recommend them to anyone looking for a well rounded team that knows what they are doing and are very quick to respond.”

“DigitlHaus designed and development an amazing custom eCommerce store that has exceeded our expectations. We recommend this agency to anyone looking to do a digital re-brand.”


DigitlHaus is a full-service digital agency that specializes in eCommerce design, development and marketing.


Florida, California, New York