475 High Performance Building Supply

475 sells tape with a potentially huge impact. They sell air-sealing tape as a specialized and critical component in a complete building enclosure airtightness system, which is the foundation of a low-energy building. Low-energy buildings are essential to post-carbon future – mitigating the worst effects of climate change. At their core, they’re activists for a sustainable environment. 475’s mission is to supply essential knowledge and critical building components that will lead a transformation of the North America and Canadian construction industry toward making durable high-performance, Passive House and zero-energy buildings.

Services: Branding, Custom Development, Strategy

Canadian and US to BigCommerce

475 was outgrowing their eCommerce platform, WordPress, it just wasn’t suitable for the amount of business to business transactions and order amounts they were doing monthly. It was causing a drop in sales and due to poor site speed, a high bounce rate. We migrated 475’s store data, orders, customers and products from both the USA and Canadian CMS systems over to two new BigCommerce sites, while developing and designing a custom BigCommerce theme.

475’s biggest struggle with their old platform was with their customers trying to find product. Throughout each page of the new site we ensured it was easy to navigate. We designed and developed multiple mega menus in the header navigation and added enhanced search filtering on the category pages. Each product is also setup with custom developed fields so the customer will know from the category pages how the item is sold by the unit amount it is sold in. 

Business to Business Market

While migrating from platform to platform our ultimate goal was to re-brand 475 to have the best eCommerce brand experience in the construction industry. From a functionality and visual stand point, we completely modernized the home page and developed it in a fit-screen frame similar to how some of the most modern eCommerce brands are today. We followed a very clean brand flow throughout every page of the site while still being highly usable by specific demographics as well as on-the-go mobile users. We added several custom functions on the product page such as, pricing tables, icon fields and reference/video downloads.

The Results

Immediately, 475 saw a increase in page speed from 35% to 85% in all pages. Bounce rates immediately went down on desktop and nearly doubled on mobile. Not only does 475 have sales success they’re also experiencing the best, most efficient POS and sales administration they have had since they have been in business.

Increase Site Speed
Decrease Desktop Bounce Rates
Decrease Mobile Bounce Rates

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