What makes Decibullz earbuds for athletes so different from traditional earbuds is their ability to be molded to the exact shape of the user’s ears. They’re made from high-quality thermoplastic that softens when heated, allowing you to mold the material with ease. You can complete the entire molding process in just a few minutes — without having to visit an audiologist. Decibullz is the only re-moldable earphones for athletes on the market. You can keep molding them until you attain the ideal fit.


Over the years the hearing protection and earphone industry has become very competitive. Decibullz was lacking in their brand identity of being the leaders and the only ones in the industry to have molded earplugs and earphones. They struggled with having a user experience that converted into sales by what they do and by the quality and uniqueness of their product. 


We partnered with the Decibullz brand as their strategy, design and development agency. We gave Decibullz a full blown digital identity to compete with todays market. We captured product and lifestyle photography, created landing pages and unique interactive user experiences site-wide to educate and inform the customer about the Decibullz product.

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