Decibullz is a high end electronics and ear protection brand. Their products are made from high-quality thermoplastic that soften when heated, allowing you to mold the material with ease. They are the only re-moldable earphones for athletes on the market. You can keep molding them until you attain the ideal fit. They sell re-moldable wireless and wired earphones as well as re-moldable earbuds for noise protection. They are sold in retail stores and online.

Services: Custom Design and Development, Branding, Strategy

Leaving WordPress Behind

Decibullz outgrew their WordPress platform and needed to change to a more robust CMS to manage their orders and products. We partnered with Decibullz as their design, development and branding agency. One of the key factors in their migration was getting their store data transferred over to their new platform. We took on the migration and moved over order and customer data, reviews and products form the WordPress platform to BigCommerce flawlessly.

Interactive Branding

There are multiple areas within the Decibullz site that we made interactive. We wanted to ensure that the customer’s experience is learning about their product as well as understanding that the product is re-moldable and different from competitor brands. We designed and developed custom product pages with icons to represent key points of each product, high quality imagery to show the product being used, and image swatching that shows the product in the color chosen.

Mega, Mega Menu

Decibullz’s request was to have an easier way that a customer can view products right from the menu rather than having to go through several category pages. We custom designed and developed an interactive menu that showcases the top products as well as categories. The menu dynamically changes from the back end of BigCommerce so when the the client makes catalog changes in the admin it will automatically display on the front end.

The Results

Decibullz saw a 35% increase in sales in the first 3 months of the new launch. Their bounce rates decreased by 10% on desktop and by 30% on mobile. Decibullz was also nominated out of thousands for the BigCommerce Design Awards for 2018.

Increase Sales
Decrease Desktop Bounce Rates
Decrease Mobile Bounce Rates

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