Isabelle Grace Jewelry

Isabelle Grace Jewelry is all about accessories that are effortless, elegant and timeless. Because they believe in quality as much as looking good, each earring, necklace and bracelet is made by hand, right in their New Bedford, MA studio. There’s no assembly line, no mass production. Instead, their designs are made of the best materials and expertly crafted by people who love making beautiful things that will never go out of style. 


The Isabelle Grace Jewelry brand was at a breaking point in their business. They either needed to make fast income or close down the business for good. As competition started over flowing in the personalized jewelry business, their sales were dropping and loyal customers were going elsewhere.


We partnered with the Isabelle Grace Jewelry brand as their design, development and marketing team. We completely transformed their brand identity giving them a new logo, typeface, photography and color scheme. From there, we migrated their platform to Shopify and completely updated their whole shopping experience with a new storefront and structure. Once the new store was deployed we engaged in full marketing management in the areas of social and paid ad management, digital PR and SEO.

increase of revenue

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