Spartan Blades USA

As an outdoor cutlery brand, Spartan Blades aims to reinvigorate the sense of patriotism and national pride that comes from owning and carrying a well-designed, finely crafted knife that is made in the United States of America. Spartan Blades hopes to inspire unity and self-reliance among fellow American patriots and like minded people around the world.


Spartan Blades wanted a new brand identity. They had a very outdated website that did not represent their products the right way. They wanted to take advantage of all their luxurious photography to showcase their products and most importantly wanted to increase their conversions and eliminate site bounces.


We partnered with Spartan Blades as their design, strategy and development agency. We custom developed and designed a new store theme. We re-developed the way their navigations is structured and removed the unneeded filtering throughout the site. With a few site customizations, Spartan Blades now has a custom product setup which has eliminated steps to checkout.

Site Speed
Increased conversions
Mobile Users

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