Twilight Time

Twilight Time is a movie brand re-seller. Their company consists of of movie-lovers bringing original, eccentric, excellently crafted and intelligently conceived movies from Hollywood’s archival vaults to the homes of cinephiles everywhere. Twilight Time sells online only.

Services: Custom Design and Development, Branding

From Old Vintage to New Vintage

Twilight Time was struggling with online sales due to a poorly branded site on a outdated theme and platform. They needed a brand update along with a store that was easy to navigate. We partnered with Twilight Time as their design, development and branding agency. We updated them from the BigCommerce blueprint platform to stencil, while rebranding and developing their store for the best eCommerce experience possible.

Browse by Interest

Since site search was a big factor in Twilight Time’s new site design. We developed several ways the customer can find movies they were looking for such as a custom search bar that auto populated upon typing in the movie title, a unique mega-menu that is scrollable to access 100+ titles, a custom filtering tool on the category page and a search filtering menu directly on the homepage where customers can search by genre, decade or director.

The Results

The Twilight Time brand has seen a 45% increase in conversions and a decrease of 20% in bounce rates since the new site launch. Their product reviews have doubled and are increasing daily.

Increase Conversions
Decrease Bounce Rates
Increase Mobile Speed

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