Vaughan is a unique independent fashion brand specializing in classic silk shirts and blouses, designed with modern women in mind. Since 2012, their signature button up shirts combine an effortless American aesthetic with Hong Kong’s expert tailoring. Vaughan shirts easily become wardrobe staples as they transition seamlessly from the office and happy hour to relaxed weekends. Vaughan is sold in retail stores and online.

Services: Custom Design and Development, Branding

Migration Made Simple

Vaughan was platformed on a custom CMS which made it impossible for them to make updates, upload new products and change design elements on their homepage. We partnered with Vaughan as their design, development and strategy agency. We re-platformed Vaughan to Shopify while updating their brand look and feel as well as migrating their products, categories, orders and customers over to the new platform.

Easy to Shop

In addition to their brand update, we created a easier shopping experience for their customers. The product and category pages on their old site were redundant and structured very poorly. We condensed and re-organized their eCommerce catalog and we simplified and categorized the way the menu is displayed. We also custom developed a responsive shopping experience that gives simplicity and speed to mobile shopping.

The Results

Within the first month of deploying the new site, Vaughan’s sales has increased by 25%. The bounce rate decreased by 20% on desktop and by 50% on mobile. All administrative elements Vaughn was struggling with has now been resolved using the Shopify platform.

Increase Sales
Decrease Mobile Bounce Rates
Decrease Desktop Bounce Rates

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