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5 eCommerce Stores that are Killing It

Jul 30, 2017

Amazon is by far the most dominant and successful eCommerce retailer to date. Walmart has been trying to compete with the online retail giant with different tactics, but Amazon still consistently outranks all the eCommerce stores. Everyone already knows the Amazon legend, so let’s talk about other successful online stores. Today, we want to share 5 top eCommerce stores that are killing it besides Amazon.


Many fashion retailers are struggling with sales, but not ASOS. The British online fashion and beauty retailer has been a huge hit since its establishment in 2000. When other fashion brands and department stores offer endless discounts and close physical stores to remain in business, ASOS has only gained popularity and love from consumers.

ASOS had a very clear branding image from its early days. Its color coordination with the 3 banners always makes important messages stand out when you first land on the homepage. The navigation for different categories is easy for you to find something you need with very few clicks. ASOS also offers 360 view for products. In some cases, you can also view a model wearing the clothing item walking down a runway, which gives you a much better idea of how it looks on a person. With other things like free shipping and student discount, ASOS has attracted buyers from all over the world.

Simply Gum

You may have seen Simply Gum at Whole Foods Market’s checkout aisles. It’s very eye-catching because the packaging is strikingly different from traditional chewing gum. The minimal design with just an image of the flavor’s ingredient transforms chewing gum into an interesting product.

Simply Gum’s website is consistent with its branding – clean and bold. The infinite scroll on the homepage unfolds the brand story clearly. As soon as you scroll down from the landing page that says “natural chewing gum”, the company tells you what makes the product natural with a breakdown of ingredients and their images. The website creates a pleasant consumer experience that’s coherent with the product.


Have you seen Tattly’s beautiful video ads on Facebook? They feature beautiful aesthetics and demonstrate how the product works. The Brooklyn-based company sells temporary tattoos that are fun and stylish — not the cheap, low-quality tattoos that children play around with. How do we know that? Tattly shows the results in its video ads and pictures on the website, making sure you have the confidence to purchase a good quality product.

Bonus: they also glam up your shipping order with confetti.


Consistently praised as the best iPad stylus, FiftyThree Pencil is a well-loved product with elegant design. Its Bluetooth stylus with different brush tools has scored stunning reviews from all over the internet and on Amazon. The website is a simple scroll as well, with demonstration video available on the homepage. FiftyThree’s clean webpage design echoes the sleek design of its product. It’s definitely one of the most successful eCommerce stores in its industry.


Ordering ice cream online is no longer a dream. Jeni’s Ice Cream, originally from Ohio, is known for its quirky flavors like churro, cocoa curry, and gooey butter cake. If you don’t live in the areas where Jeni’s stores are located, you can order online with “guaranteed frozen delivery”. Ice cream delivery already sounds unreal as it is, but you’ll be even more amazed when you look at the website’s product images. Each flavor is presented in a spoonful of that particular ice cream – you can almost taste it from just looking at the picture.

Jeni’s website also features a blog with dessert recipes, flavor updates, and intriguing stories.

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