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Search Engine Optimization

what we do


When it comes to SEO we take a classic approach and use human-lead strategies and tactics. We believe in quality over quantity. When done right, eCommerce SEO has the highest ROI of any paid ad or marketing campaign. We grow businesses by helping shoppers find your products organically before they find your competitors.

  • Keyword Research

    We strategically research and define keywords that potential customers are searching for. We don’t choose just any keywords, we handpick keywords that are easy to rank for, have decent search volume and high conversion rates. We then rank the keywords in order of organic value and click rate, then strategically decide where they would be best used throughout your BigCommerce or Shopify website.

  • Site Architecture

    The way your catalog is structured is crucial to not only your shopping experience, but also your SEO value. We ensure your site architecture on BigCommerce and Shopify is simplified and structured properly. We implement short catalog structures and use strategic keywords to create relevant page URLs and category names that are high ranking. We ensure your site catalog is structured strategically with SEO in mind.

  • On-Page SEO

    Our on-page SEO service ensures that your BigCommerce and Shopify home page, product pages, category pages and content pages are optimized and setup with relevant key words so that they appear and rank for the highest possible organic position in search engines. We’ll setup and optimize your page titles, descriptions, meta keywords, meta descriptions and on-page copy as well as anything else that may be needed.

  • Technical SEO

    Aside from implementing a keyword strategy and setting up on-page SEO, ensuring that your technical SEO is on point is crucial to your SEO value and rankings. We use several tools to analyze your BigCommerce and Shopify website and uncover any issues that may be affecting the way search engines are crawling it. We’ll make sure there is no broken links, missing alt text, meta data or duplicate URLs and we’ll make sure that every page is error free and solved with proper redirects in place.

  • Content Marketing

    Your product and category pages can only rank for so many keywords. Utilizing additional channels within BigCommerce and Shopify to produce SEO specific content such as creating blog posts and new web pages are great ways to rank higher in search engines. Our SEO strategists will define a content marketing plan where we’ll implement organic SEO content on different channels on your website to increase your search visibly and drive more traffic to converting pages.

  • Link Building

    Implementing backlinks from high domain authority websites to your website will improve your rankings more than any other ranking factor. Our SEO strategists implement spam-free link building strategies that wont flag or hurt your overall score. Our tactics include resource page link building, partnering with influencers, broken link building and utilizing competitors links.

  • SEO Audits

    Eager to know your current SEO status and how it can improve? We’ll complete a thorough SEO audit on your BigCommerce or Shopify store and unravel what’s working, what’s not and what needs to be worked on. We’ll provide our expert advice and outline recommended tactics that will improve your overall score and organic value.

  • Ongoing SEO

    We provide monthly SEO services whether you need on-page SEO, technical SEO or content marketing. We’ll implement a custom SEO strategy plan where we’ll complete monthly SEO initiatives to increase relevant site traffic so you start selling more products.

Why Choose DigitlHaus?

Your Growth Partner

When you partner with DigitlHaus, you're partnering with more than just an award-winning eCommerce agency. You're partnering with a team that knows what it takes to transform and grow your business. You're partnering with experts that do the best work possible and push beyond the envelope. You're partnering with real people who measures success by their Client's success. We exist to provide D2C, B2C and B2B brands with the expertise they need to reach maximum potential and thrive in their competitive markets.

How We do It


When optimizing SEO on your eCommerce store, your agency must value process above everything else to ensure a risk-free experience for both the Client and internal teams. At DigitlHaus, we put process first and ensure everyone is well-educated and informed of our methodology at all stages of the project to ensure a risk-free, on-time, on-budget and delightful experience from the first conversation to post-deployment support.

  • 1. Analyze

    In the analysis stage we’ll run SEO audits on your website and learn all we can about your current SEO positioning, business and industry.

  • 2. Prepare & Plan

    In the preparation and planning phase we’ll conduct keyword research and prepare an optimization plan to improve rankings and fix any errors discovered from the analysis phase.

  • 3. Strategize

    In the strategy phase we’ll create both short-term and long-term SEO initiatives to fix and optimize your current SEO, improve your organic rankings and drive more traffic to your website.

  • 4. Implement

    During the implementation phase we’ll start optimizing your website’s SEO and begin the tactics for the short and long-term initiatives outlined in the strategy phase.

  • 5. Report

    During the reporting phase we’ll keep you updated and hold reoccurring alignment calls to share the results on how the optimizations are improving your overall rankings.

  • 6. Optimize

    Each month we work on your SEO we’ll alter and adjust the defined initiatives to ensure the tactics we’re implementing are the best use of time and are making the greatest impact.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is SEO important for eCommerce?

    SEO is very important in eCommerce as it’s the lowest cost ROI that you will receive over paid ads and other marketing initiatives. eCommerce SEO helps shoppers find your store and products when they are searching in search engines.

  • Which platform is best for SEO?

    We provide SEO services for BigCommerce and Shopify. From a management perspective we believe that the BigCommerce and Shopify platforms have the best out-of-the-box SEO tools that allow store owners the ability to manage their SEO themselves.

  • Do you include SEO with an eCommerce store build?

    We offer a Foundational SEO service add-on for all of our store builds that covers the base SEO needed so that your store will be error free and crawling in search engines properly. This add-on can also be customized depending on your needs.

  • How much does SEO services cost?

    SEO services are custom quoted depending on what types of services and tasks are needed. We do not use AI or automated tools to complete SEO tasks, everything we do is done by hand and by a human to ensure the best result possible.

  • Where do I begin with SEO?

    If you’re new to eCommerce or just getting started with SEO, we recommend that you opt in for an SEO audit so that we can analyze your current SEO health. From there we will be able to recommend the best approach to optimize your website’s SEO.


What our Clients are saying.

  • From custom theme development to platform migrations, DigitlHaus is our favorite agency partner. They go above and beyond to ensure their customers have a successful BigCommerce launch every time.

    Jason Flagg BigCommerce
  • We’re receiving amazing feedback on our new site design and functionality. We’re already seeing a rise in sales and conversions and it hasn’t even been a week. We highly recommend DigitlHaus Agency, they are quick to respond and are true experts in eCommerce.

    Blane Turiczek Hirt's Garden
  • Tara and her team were very easy to work with. The communication was clear, and follow-up was extremely prompt. I appreciated the perfect balance of warmth and professionalism. We’ll definitely be doing business again with DigitlHaus.

    Melissa Anderson Alta Technologies
  • DigitlHaus is one of the best at what they do. They know eCommerce inside and out, are well connected within the industry and are an accomplished group to partner with. If you’re looking for an eCommerce expert, they’re my #1 choice.

    Scott Segal Klaviyo
  • Our website is our business, and we are very proud of our new site. It’s quick, sharp, clean, and much more functional than our previous website. Working with DigitlHaus to move to BigCommerce was a great decision. Highly recommend them.

    John Druelinger 475 HPBS
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