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DigitlHaus is BigDev Certified!

Oct 12, 2020

The Basics of BigDev Bootcamp

When you choose BigCommerce as your platform for online sales, you want to make sure the digital e-commerce agency you choose to design, develop, and market your business is qualified to help you make the most of the tools and features BigCommerce has to offer.  At DigitlHaus, your satisfaction is always our top concern, which is why we go out of our way to develop the knowledge and skills that allow us to best serve your needs and meet and exceed expectations.

Along those lines, we’re proud to announce that we’ve completed the BigDev Bootcamp, a five-course developer certification process that provides the intensive training necessary to master the platform.  With hands-on training, case discussions, and final assessment testing, this bootcamp ensures that developers understand available features and adhere to stringent quality standards, providing BigCommerce users with every opportunity to thrive.

BigDev Bootcamp Certifications

At DigitlHaus, we’re please to offer end-to-end solutions that ensure you have access to the online tools you need to conduct business, as well as the knowledge to effectively manage your operations.  BigDev Bootcamp includes both front-end and back-end certifications.  On the front end, we’ve received certifications for:

Stencil Essentials – Using the stencil theme engine to control storefront and customer experience

Storefront API – Building customized, user-friendly storefronts that drive customer engagement

Our back-end certifications include:

Server to Server Cart/Checkouts and Payments API – Streamlining cart-to-checkout processes to drive conversions

Catalog API – Building, managing, and maintaining large, complex product catalogs

Orders/Shipping API – Managing online orders, from customer selection through fulfillment

These certifications are just one aspect of our ongoing commitment to expanding our expertise and delivering the exceptional value our clients expect.  As a certified BigCommerce developer, we have the extensive knowledge and experience to help you grow your business on the BigCommerce platform.

What Does this Mean for DigitlHaus Customers?

There are plenty of places you can service a car, but your dealership offers the greatest knowledge and experience servicing and repairing your make and model.  The same is true when it comes to developing and managing your ecommerce platform.  You want an authoritative digital development partner that has the qualifications to help you make the most of the BigCommerce platform.

By expanding our knowledge through BigDev Bootcamp, DigitlHaus has become certified in all areas of BigCommerce development, ensuring that we have the solutions to address every pain point and meet any goal.  Our ongoing education ensures that we always comply with the latest API and development standards, keeping you on the cutting edge of this valuable technology.

At DigitlHaus, we’re committed to remaining at the forefront of BigCommerce development so we can deliver the outstanding results our clients demand, and the front-end and back-end certifications we hold serve to demonstrate our expertise and mastery of the essential tools and features that define your online storefront and drive customer engagement and conversions.  With DigitlHaus, you’ll always enjoy peace of mind, knowing that we go the extra mile to meet the highest standards of development and elevate your outcomes on the BigCommerce platform.

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