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Is BigCommerce the Best B2B Solution?

Oct 11, 2022

BigCommerce is one of the most widely-used eCommerce platforms in the world. It has been around since 2009 and was founded by entrepreneurs who wanted to create an easy-to-use, affordable platform for small business owners.

This article will cover important aspects of BigCommerce and help you see if it is the best fit for your B2B eCommerce needs. We’ll take a look at the platform’s pros and cons, along with its newly introduced features.

What Is BigCommerce B2B Edition?

BigCommerce B2B Edition is a feature-rich and fully customizable solution for complex B2B eCommerce sites, developed with high-volume and high-value transactions in mind.

The BigCommerce B2B Edition platform is ideal for large brands, manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers that need to manage thousands of SKUs and sell in bulk. It combines the many functionalities of BundleB2B with BigCommerce’s nearly endless features and integrations.

Pros of Using BigCommerce for Your B2B Store

BigCommerce offers many benefits, making it an attractive option for many B2B companies that want to establish a strong online presence. By choosing BigCommerce for B2B, you’ll get access to an array of features designed with customization and efficiency in mind. 

Take Advantage of Integrations

The BigCommerce ecosystem includes many built-in integrations with third-party tools that make managing your inventory easier. You can connect your store with Google Analytics to view detailed reports about your website traffic and sales performance. 

Whatever you need to make your store succeed, you’ll find an integration available through BigCommerce.

Easily Manage Orders

You’ll be able to track every aspect of an order from start to finish in a single view with BigCommerce’s order management system. Thanks to its bulk editing capabilities, you’ll also be able to manage multiple orders at once.

Enjoy Customization Options

BigCommerce offers two different levels of customization: basic and advanced. Basic customization allows you to change your store’s color scheme and logo, while advanced customization lets you build custom pages from scratch and add new features such as product reviews or wish lists.

Implement a Range of Shipping and Payment Methods

The BigCommerce platform offers a variety of shipping and payment options that can be tailored to your store’s needs. You can set up multiple shipping carriers so customers have multiple shipping options, or you can offer free shipping on specific products or product categories. 

You can also integrate with third-party services such as PayPal, Amazon Pay, and Apple Pay so customers can pay using their preferred methods.

Great Support Team

The BigCommerce team offers support via live chat, email, and phone calls 24/7. Team members are knowledgeable and will help you with any questions or issues arising during setup or after launch. 

Finding Success with BigCommerce for B2B

With BigCommerce B2B eCommerce Edition, brands are able to reach their customers easily and efficiently, offering an experience that is both personalized and easy to use. Organizations are seeing substantial growth with BigCommerce B2B Edition, maximizing the platform’s helpful features to drive more site visits and conversions. 

Case Study: The Beer Bat

Offering one-of-a-kind bat-shaped souvenir drinkware, The Beer Bat has found fast success in supplying Minor League Baseball teams across the country with customized merchandise to represent their team. Founded by Sam McGee of Green Egg Design, The Beer Bat rose to such popularity that professional baseball teams like the Atlanta Braves and the San Diego Padres wanted their own memorabilia from the brand. 

As the demand for The Beer Bat skyrocketed, the company needed to scale. Quickly outgrowing WooCommerce, The Beer Bat turned to BigCommerce B2B Edition. After a period of transition, McGee and his team saw a boost in their site visits, sales, and revenue, with a 71% increase in orders, a 98% increase in visitors, and a 115% increase in revenue. Without the expanded features of BigCommerce B2B Edition, this level of growth may not have been possible to sustain.

Is BigCommerce the Best Choice for B2B eCommerce?

BigCommerce is among the best options for B2B eCommerce websites. It provides the most comprehensive feature set with an array of features to help you create a professional and sophisticated website.

At the end of the day, BigCommerce offers more features than many of its competitors. 

It’s arguably the best option for B2B eCommerce sites in terms of features and functionality while also providing a solid base at a great price. If you’re looking for a top-tier B2B platform that doesn’t break the bank, then BigCommerce may be the best solution for your business.

Master Your BigCommerce B2B Store with Help from DigitlHaus

The two most important things you can do to master your BigCommerce store are to build a solid foundation and optimize your site’s performance. Many find the first part simple, but ensuring your store performs above average takes more than just blindly following alleged “best practices.” 

At DigitlHaus, our experts will help you grow your B2B eCommerce store on BigCommerce that represents your brand identity, attracts new and loyal customers, and converts browsers into buyers. To learn more about our B2B eCommerce services, contact us today — we look forward to discussing your project.

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