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Design & Strategy

What We Do


We grow businesses by creating shopping experiences that turn everyday brands into industry leaders. When it comes to eCommerce design, we go all in. You get one shot at delivering an experience that your shoppers will buy from. We do it right the first time.

  • User Experience Design (UX)

    Whether you’re an established brand looking to redesign your existing eCommerce website or a new brand looking to design your first, our design team creates thoughtful user experiences that shoppers want to buy from. From initial research and strategy to wireframing and design, we offer a full-circle approach to delivering your customers the best shopping experience possible.

  • User Interface Design (UI)

    From defining colors, buttons styles and interactions to designing the best product grid layout for your template pages, our design team creates functional user interfaces that your customers will interact with and buy from. Our UI principles ensure a seamless branded experience throughout the buying journey that will position your brand as an industry leader.

  • Customer Experience Design (CX)

    Our designers are also experienced eCommerce strategists. Much like UX design, our CX designers position the customer into every aspect of the experience. We consider all possibilities for your customer’s pre-purchase and post-purchase shopping path. We define the touch points, actions, thoughts and feelings that occur between your customer and your brand. We make sure your customer is connected and engaged at every-step of their journey to ensure they become loyal and repeat buyers.

  • Wireframing

    We believe wireframing is the most important phase of the design process. We tackle this phase differently than most agencies. We begin the design process with high-fidelity wireframes that allow you to focus and make decisions on the most important aspects of your build such as the user flow, higherarchy and functionality rather than on things that can easily be changed such as icons or color. Client’s find this exercise the most valuable when building a custom experience.

  • CRO & Strategy

    Are you getting the most from your eCommerce store? We take a scientific, data-led approach to conversion rate optimization (CRO). From analyzing your customer’s shopping behavior to diving deep into the numbers to identify opportunities that will help you sell more product, our team of strategists ensure CRO is at the forefront of every decision made.

Why Choose DigitlHaus?

Your Growth Partner

When you partner with DigitlHaus, you're partnering with more than just an award-winning eCommerce agency. You're partnering with a team that knows what it takes to transform and grow your business. You're partnering with experts that do the best work possible and push beyond the envelope. You're partnering with real people who measures success by their Client's success. We exist to provide D2C, B2C and B2B brands with the expertise they need to reach maximum potential and thrive in their competitive markets.

How We Do It


When designing and developing an eCommerce store, your agency must value process above everything else to ensure a risk-free experience for both the Client and internal teams. At DigitlHaus, we put process first and ensure everyone is well-educated and informed of our methodology at all stages of the project to ensure a risk-free, on-time, on-budget and delightful experience from the first conversation to post-deployment support.

  • 1. Define

    In the definition phase, we’ll work collaboratively with you, conduct a strategy session to gather all of your requirements, understand your goals, objectives, pain-points and challenges, and discuss and decide upon opportunity, ideas and solutions.

  • 2. Plan

    In the planning phase we’ll assign resources, construct a transparent project schedule and prepare predicted and actual timelines that are on time and on budget so you’re always aware.

  • 3. Strategize

    In the strategy phase we’ll begin internal research and discovery by reviewing analytics and customer data, researching industry and brand competition and planning conversion opportunity and user flow.

  • 4. Design

    In the design phase we’ll develop the user experience through high-fidelity wireframes and responsive UX designs. We’ll collaboratively work with you to review and revise each page, module and element to an approved development ready design package.

  • 5. Develop

    In the development phase we’ll custom develop the front and backend experience on to the preferred platform while migrating products and content, integrating complex systems and connecting preferred technology to a fully functional custom experience that is deployment ready.

  • 6. Test

    During the testing phase we’ll internally ensure the developed experience is quality controlled, user tested and confirm that it passes all functional and visual testing. At this time you will also complete your review and approve before committing to deploy.

  • 7. Deploy

    During the deployment phase we’ll collaboratively work with you to coordinate and schedule all systems and parties to deploy for a seamless and successful go-live.

  • 8. Support

    During the support phase we’ll monitor and maintain the deployed solution ensuring all things are in-check, optimized and performing perfectly.

  • 9. Optimize

    During the optimization phase once the new experience is launched, we’ll collaboratively work with you to optimize the experience further by implementing enhanced conversion opportunities and driving more traffic to the site.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you offer design services only?

    Yes, if you have already have a development company or an in-house team we can provide design services only that includes a development ready package to pass off to your development team. Depending on your project requirements, we also can provide specific frontend development services that your development team can utilize for developing the backend.

  • How long does it take design a custom store?

    Timelines are 100% dependent on the SOW and what is involved in the project. We may have a small project where the design deliverables are much less than a large project. It all depends on what is required. Our team is very precise with timelines throughout each phase of the project. We feel it’s important to always keep our Clients updated throughout the engagement for planning and accountability.

  • Do you offer content creation services?

    No, we’re not a content creation firm. We do not have a photographer or videographer on our team. We do, however, give strategic recommendations on what we prefer from you as far as the type of content to provide.

  • Do you design fully responsive websites?

    Yes, we design fully responsive experiences for desktop, mobile and tablet depending on your requirements. When we develop the experience, regardless if a design is included or not, we ensure everything is fully responsive for all devices and browsers.

  • Do you white label your design services?

    No, we do not provide white label design services. If you’re an agency that needs design assistance, we offer a referral agreement and handle the project exclusively with our team, one-on-one with the Client.

  • How much does it cost to design a eCommerce website?

    Every project we scope is 100% custom. The total price can vary depending on how many pages are required to be designed and if there are any additional services that may be needed. We take the time to understand your current technology, business, goals and requirements to put together detailed recommendations and a scope of work that we’ll collaboratively review together.


What our Clients are saying.

  • We’re receiving amazing feedback on our new site design and functionality. We’re already seeing a rise in sales and conversions and it hasn’t even been a week. We highly recommend DigitlHaus Agency, they are quick to respond and are true experts in eCommerce.

    Blane Turiczek Hirt's Garden
  • Our website is our business, and we are very proud of our new site. It’s quick, sharp, clean, and much more functional than our previous website. Working with DigitlHaus to move to BigCommerce was a great decision. Highly recommend them.

    John Druelinger 475 HPBS
  • Tara and her team were very easy to work with. The communication was clear, and follow-up was extremely prompt. I appreciated the perfect balance of warmth and professionalism. We’ll definitely be doing business again with DigitlHaus.

    Melissa Anderson Alta Technologies
  • From custom theme development to platform migrations, DigitlHaus is our favorite agency partner. They go above and beyond to ensure their customers have a successful BigCommerce launch every time.

    Jason Flagg BigCommerce
  • Recently we worked with DigitlHaus Agency to build us a custom theme for our eCommerce website and I have been extremely thrilled with the work, the process, and the people. I would recommend them to anyone.

    Tucker USA Shawn Gavin
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