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6 Signs Your Store’s Ready for Shopify Plus

May 9, 2022

Companies are inertial. It’s hard to change a good thing, even if it declines over time, because it’s what we know and what we love. 

That’s truer in your website design than almost anywhere else. You put a lot of work into your online shop’s web page, you’re proud of it, and it’s something you want to stick with for as long as possible. 

It’s hard to sell once you’ve reached the tipping point that says, definitive, that it’s time to move on. To make it easier, we’ve compiled 6 reasons to change over to a modern site host. 

1. Outdated Appearance 

When you made the site design, you were proud of it, and so you want to show it off even now. It shares your values and aesthetic at a glance, and conveying the wrong message can make a bad quarter worse. 

But design concepts are changing all of the time, and if you’re feeling left behind, it’s time for an upgrade. A great refresh can make it clear to your tenured customers that you’re the same company they know and love. 

At the same time, it continues to communicate your goals to make it clear to your existing customers that you’re the same storefront they’ve come to know and love. 

2. Increased Bounce Rates

Potential customers don’t leave mid-purchase for no reason. If you’re losing customers to cart abandonment, it’s a sign that it’s time to take your website to the next level. 

A wide variety of factors drive bounce rates — lack of engagement during the buying process, overcomplicated procedures for simple tasks like adding an item to the cart or entering payment information, and slow load times all drive customers away. 

A great redesign with Shopify Plus can fix all of those issues and more! 

3. Slower Load Times 

Slower site times drive up bounce rates, but they’re such an important factor that they’re worth discussing on their own. Even a slowdown of a few milliseconds in site load times can drive customers away and cause incredible losses. 

Tenured customers become frustrated and newer customers start with a bad first impression. They expect the best web service in the fastest possible time, and code bloat and slowdowns are an inevitability for established business sites. 

A fresh start brings your site’s web code up to scratch and helps create a fast, lightweight site that customers can navigate with ease. 

4. Difficult Back-End Management 

Customers should be your first priority, but they aren’t your only priority! 

If back-end site management becomes more difficult, you have less time to run your business and make big-picture decisions. Back-end concerns include:

  • Security 
  • Catalog management
  • Support 
  • Marketing outreach 

You lose valuable time if your system forces you through a complicated manual process. 

5. Rising Hosting Costs 

Everyone needs to make a living. But if your site’s hosting fees are rising with no additional benefit, it might be time to switch. Creeping fees eat into the budget, so you should be on the lookout for a better deal. 

6. Stock Site Design 

Once upon a time, a premade design was enough to make online commerce happen. Those days have long since passed us by. Online shopping exploded thanks to the pandemic and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. 

Customers know what to look for in an online store. They’re looking for features that stand out, designs that stick in their mind, and catalogs that make it easy to browse and buy. 

Your business isn’t cut from the same cloth as your competition. If your website implies that it is by using a standard design, we’re here to help you upgrade with Shopify Plus and stand out from the crowd again. 

Add Quality with DigitlHaus 

At DigitlHaus, we handle every aspect of upgrading. From finding the perfect license with Shopify Plus to code, catalog, and contact migration and even SEO and UX design strategy for the long term, we commit to expertise and quality at every stage. 

We design custom, tailored solutions for each client’s wants and needs from the ground up. With a true one-of-a-kind website—not a webpage template purchased from a list of bland options—you can operate your online store with confidence. 

For clients large and small, in every vertical and business, DigitlHaus is the perfect provider for Shopify Plus solutions. Don’t take on the challenges of modern, future-focused site design all on your own. Let us help! 

Contact us today to tell us about your business and how we can best help you take your online storefront to the next level.

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