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In order to deliver the best, we work with the best. We're a talented team of designers, developers, strategists, marketers, project managers and sales professionals that eat, sleep and breathe eCommerce. Want to join our team? Browse our open positions below.

  • Project Manager


    As a Project Manager at DigitlHaus Agency you will manage BigCommerce custom store design and development builds, custom integrations, small to large projects/tasks and retainer service projects.


    • Must have managed and coordinated BigCommerce builds for a past agency
    • Must understand UX design fundamentals
    • Must understand the fundamentals of an eCommerce store and it’s architecture
    • Must have experience managing and coordinating development and design teams
    • Must have experience following design and development processes
    • Must have experience working with project management/ticketing platforms (Basecamp,, Asana, Jira, etc.)
    • Must be adaptive to change and have excellent problem-solving and multi-tasking skills
    • Must have experience in conflict resolution (when problems arise, using past experience and knowledge to solve problems, while considering both the agency and the Client)
    • Must be a “maker” vs a “doer” (must take initiative)
    • Must have strong communication skills
    • Must be comfortable to speak to Clients over phone and video for meetings
    • Must be a team player


    • Creating project lifecycles in a project management system from a SOW
    • Creating and assigning tasks in the project management system for Clients and internal teams
    • Ensuring tasks are done on time and are complete
    • Managing the design process from initial kickoff to design approval
    • Managing the internal design team
    • Managing gathering and organizing creative assets in an formal structure for the design team
    • Managing the design revision process with the Client and internal design team
    • Preparing projects to be developed
    • Be able to answer and support technical development and platform related questions
    • Managing technology setup and credentials for the development team so they can efficiently start development
    • Briefing development teams on the project SOW in relation to design
    • Preparing and ensuring timelines are met
    • Testing and reviewing websites from a user level (QA Testing)
    • Manage the development review process
    • Deliver completed projects to Clients and ensuring all SOW objectives have been met
    • Train and consult Clients on best practices on the eCommerce platform
    • Manage the deployment process
    • Monitor project deliverables
    • Document project requirements and deliverables
    • Follow processes and be able to create new process when needed
    • Synching internal teams on projects and ensuring everyone is collaborating
    • Be able to act quick to priority or urgent items


    • Competitive Salary
    • Full-Remote (Work Anywhere)
    • Company Equipment
    • Paid Vacation Days
    • Paid Sick/Personal Days
    • Paid Holidays
    • Home Office Budget
    • Personal Growth & Education Budget
  • Marketing Manager/Specialist


    As a Marketing Manager at DigitlHaus Agency you will define, create, manage and execute the agency’s (internal) marketing efforts and initiatives. 


    • Marketing Strategy: Define, strategize, create, implement and execute an agency marketing strategy through email, social, content, partner, paid ads and events, that will increase and drive incoming leads, site traffic, awareness, authority and overall sales. 
    • Content Marketing: Create and execute content to support the agency’s marketing initiatives such as frequent blog posts, e-books, case studies, white papers, research reports, social content, email content and website content, etc.
    • Paid Ads Management: Manage, optimize and maintain the agency’s paid ad channels. Define new opportunities and strategies to drive more traffic and higher quality leads.
    • Partner Marketing: Define, implement, execute and manage co-marketing initiatives and opportunities with agency technology and platform partners. 
    • Social Media Marketing: Define, create, implement and manage a social media strategy for the agency through various social channels. Ensure through social media the agency is staying relevant, is engaging, driving new leads and creating awareness. 
    • Email Marketing: Define, create, execute and manage the agency’s newsletter. Use email marketing as a tool throughout different marketing initiatives/campaigns to drive new leads and create awareness.
    • Event Marketing: Define, implement and execute 1-2 events throughout the year by managing the event coordination, invites, marketing, content and collateral, etc. 


    • Must be experienced, skilled and want to wear multiple marketing hats.
    • Must take initiative andt have an entrepreneurial type mindset and will not mind managing a single department by themself.
    • Must be a “maker” vs a “doer”. 
    • Must have strong marketing strategy skills.
    • Must have strong copywriting skills. 
    • Must have a strong and professional “design” eye. 
    • Must have experience managing marketing efforts for a similar business or industry.
    • Must have experience growing similar businesses through marketing. 
    • Must be able to track metrics and show results through marketing efforts. 
    • Must have experience and skills in defining marketing opportunities and implementing them to generate more leads, sales and traffic.
    • Must have experience and have worked in the eCommerce industry either on the agency side or on the technology or platform side. 


    • Competitive Salary
    • Full-Remote (Work Anywhere)
    • Company Apple Macbook Pro
    • Paid Vacation Days
    • Paid Sick/Personal Days
    • Paid Holidays
    • Home Office Budget
    • Personal Growth & Education Budget
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