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What to Expect During a Platform Migration to BigCommerce

May 9, 2022

It’s easy to recognize the need to migrate to a new platform. Bounce rates rise, conversions fall, and loading times slow. 

But as you lay out all of the information you need to convert, it seems easier said than done. Inventory and catalog. Your long history of reviews. Saved customer information and CRM profiles. Existing orders you have yet to fulfill (and must maintain throughout the process). Aspects of page design you want to keep but aren’t sure how. 

It’s natural to want it to feel seamless and easy. Pre-built templates sold by BigCommerce and other providers tempt you to take the low road, convert and hope for the best. 

But you can do so much more. If you take advantage of expert services that provide tailored solutions to accommodate your unique business needs and do things you never thought possible, you can turn migration from a painful process into a revolutionary transformation. 

Streamlined, Simplified User Experience 

Customers respond best to light websites that load fast and provide a simplified experience. Complicated procedures for simple processes (like adding an item to the cart) make bounce rates spike. 

Site funnel audits and data-driven research into common UX bottlenecks help find the perfect opportunities to improve. See conversion rates rise with a tested, pleasant user experience. And with a site developed by expert veterans, even a few milliseconds shaved off loading times will convert to real changes in profits. 

Improved Back-End Management 

A BigCommerce migration improves your back-end experience as much as it does the customer’s. Improved security ensures you do your due diligence and increases consumer trust and willingness to provide their sensitive payment information. 

Simplified internal site management also makes it easy to accommodate expansion as your business grows into its new site. With the ability to add products and expand the catalog with ease, you can spend less time on company tech and more time on brand optimization. 

Tailored Design 

As you migrate, BigCommerce provides a great list of templates to get you started. But your branding is unique to you. You don’t fit into a template; you have different needs than your competition. 

When we take on a platform migration, we go above and beyond to design a site that fits your needs and what you want to add.

We custom-develop key functions built from the ground up per client requests to make sure their BigCommerce sites are the best they can be. Every brand is different and has different needs. 

Digitlhaus recognizes that and helps you build a site that reflects it. 

Keep the Good 

You made your current site the way you did for good reasons. While custom solutions revolutionize the way your customers view your site, a ground-up redesign can do the exact opposite of what you want and drive customers away. 

A great migration continues to communicate the aesthetic and UX values your customers have come to expect. Consistency ensures the new design doesn’t alienate your existing consumer base and wins them over with a superior experience. 

In short, a migration helps you stay modern and keep up with the competition while maintaining the same branding you’ve worked so hard to build. 

Reap the Rewards 

After a successful migration, you’ll see benefits from every side, including: 

  • Higher conversion rates 
  • Faster site load times 
  • Lower bounce rates

This growth from all directions helps you improve as a retailer and grow your market share. When you combine your existing reputation with a first-rate customer experience, everyone wins. 

On top of everything else, BigCommerce often provides a cheaper hosting alternative. Migration will take your site to the next level, ease your budget, and increase return on investment all at the same time. 

Migrate and Modernize with DigitlHaus 

If you’re struggling against your competition’s ability to deliver, we can help. With five-star client satisfaction and a portfolio of successful case studies, we provide best-in-business rates for top-quality service. 

Our team leverages expertise in all areas of digital migration and modern platform design to create future-facing websites that benefit companies and customers alike. 

With tailored solutions for every client built from the ground up, we’ll help you deliver a user experience like nothing else online. We assure your success with design decisions backed by data and years of proven experience. 

Contact DigitlHaus today to discuss your current projects and your goals for the future, and we’ll help you move to BigCommerce so you can grow your brand like never before.

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