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6 Services Your BigCommerce Developer Should Provide 

May 9, 2022

When you first move your business to the digital world, it’s hard to compete. Online transactions make up a larger portion of business than ever before. Customers expect your site and app to deliver the quality and speed of an online veteran, even if you’re new to the digital frontier. 

Fortunately, the explosion of online sales stimulated online marketing and development firms to make your migration to the internet easy. Here are 6 key services we’re proud to offer and that we believe any partner you find should be ready to offer as well: 

1. eCommerce Design 

Customers respond positively to app and site designs that meet their expectations. A great website is responsive and engagingly interactive, with just the right amount of motion to keep readers interested without becoming distracting. 

Solid UX design guides customers through the sales funnel without making them feel railroaded. When they feel guided and cared for, they’re more likely to convert! Excellent partners go beyond website and app design (with all of the prototyping and wireframing that goes into it) and take a holistic approach to online marketing.

Online advertisement design helps catch the eye of the right customers in the right ways, and tailored email templates make it easy to convert repeat customers quickly. 

2. Custom Development 

When you find a development partner, it pays to find one who’ll tailor their application development to your specific needs. Headless development frees frontend devs from the constraints of the back end, so you never have to compromise form for function. 

A great app dev even makes it easy to integrate your CRM and automate your updates to better track customer journeys at every step. 

3. Platform Migrations 

When you finish development or find a new SaaS provider or web host platform, the time has come to migrate all business data onto a new platform. Catalog. Reviews. Customer information. Existing orders. Webpage. There’s so much data, and so many things can go wrong. 

But a great BigCommerce dev makes it easy. With all data preserved and backed up, you can make delays and undo/redo cycles a thing of the past. 

4. eCommerce Strategy 

eCommerce encompasses so much more than tech. Regular testing and optimization maximize your return on digital investment. 

It is vital to review customer journeys to determine conversion rates and improve the user experience where it bottlenecks purchases. If a flaw in the UX is losing sales, finding it and fixing it improves both current and future growth. 

Customers are the ultimate stress-testers, and user testing in both backend and public spheres ensures your site and app flourish once they release. 

5. eCommerce SEO 

While online advertisement drives eCommerce, many online consumers distrust it. Instead, they rely on search engines to drive them to the content they need when they need it. Search engine optimization (SEO) drives them to your site instead of the competition. 

Strategic content and technical writing that leverages the best keywords and phrases to encourage traffic — and regular research to update them — maintain the sales funnel and keep sales growing. 

6. eCommerce Support 

With a site built and traffic to support it, regular maintenance keeps it fresh and ready to meet customer expectations. 

Routine code audits and theme maintenance keep function and form in quality condition and adjust to changes in aesthetic priorities, delivered in regular platform updates. When customers expect excellent platform services and speed, delivery keeps them coming back for more. 

DigitlHaus Offers All This and More… 

At DigitlHaus, we make successful commerce our ultimate priority. DigitlHaus provides a holistic approach to eCommerce design for B2B,B2C and D2C brands alike. 

We drive traffic to sites that feature our award-winning designs. Once customers get there, we improve conversion rates with genuine connections provided by our best-in-class user experience. 

The talents of our detail-focused developers, innovative designers, and data-driven strategists who maximize ROI all combine to provide an enterprise-scale eCommerce solution with boutique attention to detail. 

We know the importance of future-forward design in both development and design, so we create solutions that drive success over the long term. 

Reach out to us today and let’s discuss your project and the solutions we can deliver.

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