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BundleB2B: A Must for your BigCommerce B2B Needs

May 28, 2020

DigitlHaus Partners with BundleB2B to Enhance the BigCommerce Platform

If you’re already a fan of BigCommerce and you’re looking for help to migrate or start your e-commerce operation on this popular platform, DigitlHaus is happy to assist.  As a BigCommerce Elite partner, we can not only help with migration, but offer custom theme design and development, branding, API integration, app design, UX design, marketing strategy and testing, SEO setup, and more.

We’ve also recently joined up with BundleB2B, becoming a direct implementation partner, in order to deliver enterprise functionality to any business using the BigCommerce platform.  What is BundleB2B, and how can your business benefit from the collaboration between DigitlHaus and BundleB2B? Here’s what you need to know.

What is BundleB2B

BundleB2B is a SaaS application designed to seamlessly integrate with the BigCommerce platform, enhancing benefits with a variety of optimal buyer and seller features that allow any business, large or small, to enjoy enterprise level B2B functionality.  First and foremost, users will enjoy a secure portal that allows for easy management and automation of both front-end and back-end processes.  You set visibility and authority levels for optimal control and security.

Other features include:

  • Corporate account management
  • Sales representative masquerade
  • Sales representative quoting
  • Shared shopping lists
  • Customer account order history
  • Payment method visibility control
  • Quantity/case pack management
  • Quick order pad
  • Company address book management
  • Wholesale customer approval process/trade professional application

BigCommerce acts as an ideal foundation for growing businesses looking to remain competitive in the e-commerce space, and with custom design, optimization, and integration services from DigitlHaus, you can create an exceptional user experience, boost conversions, and better serve your B2B or DTC audience.

BundleB2B serves to enhance the overall package with B2B functionality, delivering the secure and convenient solutions that help you to streamline and scale up your operations with targeted tools and functionality.  Whether you’re looking to integrate easy payment and discount quotes for customers, you want more control over tiers of buyers with easy management of roles and permissions, or you’re interested in streamlining purchasing with shared shopping lists, BundleB2B adds the utility you need to make the most of BigCommerce.

The DigitlHaus and BundleB2B Partnership

As an Elite BigCommerce partner and a BundleB2B direct implementation partner, DigitlHaus has the expertise and authority to help you smoothly transition to upgraded functionality, whether you’re migrating to BigCommerce or you’re already using the platform, and you want more.  At DigitlHaus, our goal is always to provide the outstanding service our clients expect, making your life easier every step of the way.

As a result, we’re continually seeking new ways to elevate your experience, as well as your interactions with customers.  BundleB2B does precisely that by offering a slew of additional features that BigCommerce users have been clamoring for.

It’s never easy to upgrade to new and improved technologies, but DigitlHaus is an award-winning, full-service agency committed to providing the services that help you connect with customers and fuel conversion.  As such, we strive to make your transformation as seamless as possible whenever you decide to upgrade or implement changes.

Benefits for BigCommerce Clients

You might think that your BigCommerce solutions are perfect the way they are, or that implementing BundleB2B is only for enterprise level users.  In truth, BundleB2B offers improvements for any company on the BigCommerce platform looking for enterprise level B2B functionality, including the ability to facilitate easy online B2B operations, options for B2B customers to utilize convenient self-service capabilities, and much more.

If you’re not sure if BundleB2B is right for your business, all you have to do is consider how it streamlines your BigCommerce functionality, improving your ability to efficiently and effectively manage B2B operations, and how it elevates the user experience.  If B2B is your bread and butter, you can’t afford to ignore the many benefits offered by BundleB2B.

Why Choose BigCommerce and BundleB2B

Competition is high in the growing B2B digital marketplace, and you have many options when it comes to B2B platforms designed to streamline your online operations and create an exceptional user experience.  However, the complexities of managing B2B operations can make it difficult to find the right SaaS options for your particular needs.

Not only do you have to integrate a wide range of elements (customer management tools, pricing tiers, fulfillment, and more), but pricing is always a factor when it comes to finding the most effective and efficient tools.  What makes the marriage of BigCommerce and BundleB2B worthwhile?  It comes down to the functionality, ease of use, and affordable pricing you’ll enjoy when you choose this option over competitors.

When compared to competitors like Magento Commerce with B2B, NetSuite SuiteCommerce, TradeGecko, and NuOrder, just to name a few, you’ll find that you enjoy more features, easier and more convenient function, and outstanding pricing options when you partner with BigCommerce with BundleB2B.

With BigCommerce and BundleB2B, you can easily migrate or build your online B2B operation from the ground up, enjoying versatile design capabilities; reliable, agile performance; rapid scalability; and ultimately, the ability to create an attractive user experience that drives conversions.  This includes a variety of management and security tools, which are only enhanced by the addition of BundleB2B.

Whereas other B2B platforms focus more on inventory management, CRM, wholesale processes, and so on, BigCommerce provides the multi-dimensional platform and toolkit you need to cover end-to-end operations with ease, and you’re sure to enjoy the flexibility of varied pricing plans designed to suit the needs of every client.

BundleB2B and BigCommerce in Action

Customer service is a big part of what makes the collaboration between BigCommerce and BundleB2B so attractive.  A prime example of this principle at work is Mutual Trading Company (MTC), a premier Japanese food, alcohol, and restaurant supply specialist that wanted to develop an easy but comprehensive online B2B solution.

With help from BundleB2B, they received custom solutions for the BigCommerce platform that allowed them to generate preferred pricing lists, offer trade professional applications for special pricing, and set up convenient self-service account capabilities, helping to streamline and automate processes in order to save time and money.

Tectran, a company offering innovative equipment solutions for the transportation industry since 1972, was looking to transition from offline to more convenient and accessible online B2B solutions.  Bundle B2B helped them create a custom suite of needed tools for the BigCommerce platform, including price lists, quick order options, account management, and sales representative enablement.

With help from DigitlHaus, you’ll not only enjoy efficient integration of the BundleB2B application for BigCommerce, but you’ll gain outstanding support from all three service providers.

Learn More

The pairing of BigCommerce and BundleB2B is a godsend for businesses large and small looking to migrate to online B2B or enhance the BigCommerce solutions they already enjoy.  DigitlHaus makes the process easy by doing the heavy lifting of design and implementation for you.  To learn more, contact us today at 800-850-2943 or online to talk commerce.

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