Commerce in the Age of Experience

We’re introducing a new approach and new aesthetic to Commerce.

We at DigitlHaus have always been game changers in the ever-changing flux and flow of the eCommerce industry. So rather, we’ve decided to enhance ourselves by repositioning our focus toward what we know matters most—user experiences and brand identification.

Consumers don’t want cheap and gimmicky TV infomercial quality brands. That much should be obvious. They want brand experiences that move them. Experiences that convey the ability to transform and improve their lives.

That’s why our focus is to redefine Commerce by selling experiences through our designs, development and marketing; Making connections with the consumer through attraction, emotion, trust, and transparency and turning those connections into conversions.

How are we going about this change? For starters, we’ve partnered with new technologies and acquired first-rate talent in order to maintain our incomparable edge in the industry.

We also know that eCommerce businesses are sick of the same old development house approach to Commerce. That’s why we’ve decided to go miles further by turning our focus toward branding, strategy identification and research. In other words, our job is to make sure we’re informed on how consumers connect to specific brands and turn that knowledge into loyal and returning customers.

You will see our new design and rebrand is elegant with a minimal and refined sensibility. We don’t need to bombard you with a flood of annoying and flashy content—that only shouts mediocrity. Instead, we let our work speak for itself in the design and through our portfolio.

In the end, we’re the same groundbreaking agency with consistent principles. Yet, in the age of experience, we’ve decided to enhance ourselves by redefining user experience and brand identification. We know how to sell experiences to the consumer, so the only thing left for you to do is join us and be a part of our exciting new chapter.