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2018 eCommerce Trends

Nov 16, 2017

Are you up to date with the eCommerce web design trends in 2018? If you think having a responsive website is enough, think again. As online shopping becomes more prevalent in people’s daily routines, eCommerce owners have to update their storefront appearance to attract customers. An eCommerce website with a unique design doesn’t only make a great impression, but also drives more sales and conversions. To keep you updated, our team at DigitlHaus has predicted a few website design trends in 2018.  

Creative, graphic illustrations have gained popularity among websites and advertisements. Sketch art and contour drawing are great at capturing viewers’ interest. Unique illustrations can also give your brand a vivid identity. You can try to incorporate custom illustrations and bespoke fonts into your social media icons, header images, or product headlines.

Original Photo Content
Stock photos are amazingly convenient and cheap. Everyone knows that by now, hence why you see similar images on vastly different websites. Your customers can spot those familiar stock photos as well. If you want your products and website to stand out, avoid using stock photos in 2018 and invest in creating unique images instead. Consider hiring a professional photographer or working with a designer to craft your brand image. You can be selling the same products as your competitors, but your thoughts in branding the product images will speak for your store’s quality.

Bright Colors
Grayscale web design is gradually fading out. Many eCommerce websites and brands have opted to go for bold and bright colors to grab customers’ attention. Startups have particularly embraced this branding style. For example, medical care scheduling service Zocdoc has revamped its branding color to a bright pale yellow last year. Lemonade, an insurance startup, chose to break out of the norm in the insurance field and used a fuchsia pink as its accent color.

Developing an eye-catching color palette that’s flattering to the eye can allow customers to associate your brand with a certain visual image. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box and try daring colors!

Mobile Interface
Mobile. Mobile. Mobile. eCommerce trends are all pointing toward a mobile-first approach. 2018 will be the year when mobile devices become our primary tool for browsing the web. Google is also rolling a Mobile First Index, meaning it will rank search results based on the mobile version of the websites – even for desktop users.

Think about your store content in a smaller screen and make sure your website runs smoothly from landing page to checkout. BigCommerce, for example, is a leading eCommerce platform in providing mobile solutions. It offers an extensive selection of themes and features so you can optimize your mobile store to create a stress-free mobile shopping experience for your customers.

Innovative Scrolling
Scrolling doesn’t have to be boring. Traditionally, you can either scroll the page from top to bottom or left to right to find what you need. 2018, however, will call for more experiments with scrolling. Web designers have been favoring parallax scrolling – a mechanic where the background image and the foreground objects move at different speeds to create a 3D illusion or an interactive experience. When parallax scrolling first gained its popularity, many web designers couldn’t implement the mechanic without slowing down the website significantly. However, a lot of websites have improved their parallax scrolling overtime, and you will definitely see more creative use of scrolling in 2018.

Videos and Moving Images
Video is quickly taking over still images – some even predict that the idea of a single still frame will cease to exist in the future. While YouTube is the pioneer in delivering video content, other media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are allocating enormous resources to catch up on the video race. Video content is engaging and is a great tool for impactful storytelling. Some websites have switched their landing page to a full-screen video that immediately immerses the visitors into the brand’s story. Others incorporate short clips or moving images in a box to showcase their products. Online video content is here to stay and will continue to expand in 2018.

Enhanced Security  
Cybersecurity is increasingly important due to multiple data breaches and malicious hacking in 2017. Google now warns web visitors of potentially harmful websites and urges all websites to adopt HTTPS and SSL certificate. Many online shoppers are worried about their information being stolen when they shop at less reputable websites. Would you be comfortable with inputting your payment information at an online store that seems unsafe? Think of your customer’s security and always make sure your security certificate is up to date.

Are you ready to upgrade your website for the new year? Get a quote from us and prepare your eCommerce business for a refreshed start in 2018!

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