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eCommerce Design Trends: 2019

Jan 16, 2019

For eCommerce business owners, ringing in the new year means fastening your seatbelt and taking a joy ride with the times. That’s right—when it comes to design in 2019, we’re not only headed for the future…we’re living and breathing it full speed ahead. Changes in lifestyle, culture, and technology has geared us toward a provocative year in web design within the eCommerce industry. There’s no time to hit the snooze button on this one. You can kiss your customers goodbye if they’re faced with lagging webpages, drab and dreary designs, or antique layouts.

But don’t you worry; We’ve got you covered. Here at DigitlHaus, we know what consumers crave and desire for the overall aesthetic and originality of your brand. Understanding firsthand what trends will be dominating the market is the first step in keeping consumers coming back for more. And let’s face it, if you aren’t pleasing your customers with updated designs, they’re already looking the other way.

Focus on Mobile Design Responsiveness

More often than not, first time consumers will be visiting your store on their mobile devices (obviously). The only way for eCommerce stores the thrive in the coming year is to have smoothly running, user-friendly mobile interfaces. This will keep potential customers from automatically exiting the browser and looking for a store that doesn’t feel like it came from the Stone Age.

Speed is a top priority when it comes to web design and time = money. A jam-packed webstore with a lot of data heavy features is a big mistake. If the consumer is kept waiting for the first page to load, their money is going to another store because you’ve already wasted their precious and valuable time.

Along with speed, ease of the user’s experience should be at the top of your list on a mobile webpage. Your potential customers don’t deserve the struggle of trying too hard in order to find the search bar, shopping cart, special deals, etc. Providing a flawless experience from home page to purchase button will not only stimulate the consumer: it will keep them coming back for more.

Stay Minimalistic

As a consumer, being sucker-punched with a bombardment of content isn’t just excessive—it’s downright annoying. That’s why staying minimal in design for your eCommerce store is going to be a must for 2019. The key will be putting just the right amount of content on your website without it looking like the family junk drawer.

Busy looking page = Outdated design. Enacting a minimalistic look and feel to your store goes right back to ease of use for the consumer. Essential tools that your customers need should be readily available and in their proper place… without the hassle from distracting features. All of the best web pages in the coming year will be struggle-free for the consumer and provide only what is necessary for seamless browsing, shopping, and checkout.

Asymmetrical and Card-Like Layouts

First time consumers need to be hooked by first glance. Asymmetrical and card-like layouts will make features pop-out to consumers and create an impact. This will allow you to hook and reel them in like fish toward the perfect product that you offer.

However, this design trend needs to be executed with care. An asymmetrical layout done right will create a visually appealing experience and guide consumers through your e-Commerce store. As long as it doesn’t look awkward or jumbled, the design will impress consumers and have the right feel and aesthetic for 2019.

And although card-like layouts aren’t relatively new in terms of website design, they are prominent and attention grabbing. You want your customers to check out this deal? No problem. Cards give you the power to easily arrange click-bait so the consumer won’t have to look around for special offers or prices and unique products that only your store provides in the market.

Bright and Vibrant Colors

It should come as no surprise that consumers are easily fascinated by eye-catching color. This year will be marked by a shift from mundane to vibrant when it comes to color. There’s nothing more boring than monotone when consumers are looking for a product that suits their needs.

Because consumers associate colors with emotion and mood, a brighter and updated website will be able to express your brand like never before. Metallics, neons and other vibrant colors will give your eCommerce store radiance and originality. If you’re unafraid and unapologetic with color, you’ve already convinced first time customers that your head is in the game and that you provide the product they need in their life.


Here’s a hard pill to swallow: You might know your product like the back of your hand, but will your consumer? While images can be powerful, sometimes a simple video can inform, instruct, or involve a potential customer way more efficiently. This means less time and effort for the consumer (time is money) and better yet—it will grab their attention immediately.

In 2019, consumers will want that immediacy and engagement. A quick video will be able to provide that for them, without you having to get down on one knee. The trick will be to not give up on a minimalistic design, while making sure the customer is intrigued in a video that will help them make a decision on a product or (even more importantly) an idea that you want to project.

Retro/Outline Type

Now, we know what you’re thinking… How can an eCommerce store be up-to-date in 2019 by reverting to the past? Even though we’re headed toward the future, it’s going to have a retro flair. Without alienating specific age demographics, having a retro-futuristic look and feel to your store will attract consumers and give your website the jolt of lightning they are looking for.

We see this everyday—certain trends making a comeback in design. Retro and outlined type for your written content will be bold and embracing to consumers. It holds the power to be nostalgic for older generations, while simultaneously trendy and vintage for younger consumers. Once they are interested, they will continue clicking because the vibe of your store is sleek, without being stuck in the past.

Geometric and Natural Shapes

The awe and appeal of shapes goes back to grade school. It may seem complex, but it’s actually very simple. If your brand or product promotes unity, you would obviously use a design pattern that involves circles. This not only attracts customers, but also conveys a message about your product.

On the other hand, there’s no need to panic if you don’t want to feel limited by basic geometric shapes. Using natural shapes such as the contour of a face or the outline of a flower can evoke powerful feelings for the consumer. You’re ultimately in control of how you want to present yourself and your brand. Taking advantage of shapes could give consumers the impact you need for your site in the coming year.


Bland. Old. Dull. These are the connotations your store needs to avoid in 2019. By adding a smooth transition or carousel for your product, you will be able to spice things up a bit without being too flashy.

Because of different innovations in zoom and gif techniques, it’s going to become easier for your brand to stay updated with this trend. By keeping your customers stimulated with this intriguing feature, they will continue to click and purchase well-defined products on your webstore. Traditional scrolling is for the dogs, so why not throw your consumers a new bone to chew on?


Now that the internet has become a staple in our lives, consumers can sniff out fake and fabricated imagery from way less than a click away. It should go without saying, but you should probably ditch the stock images. Creating authentic visual content is a no-brainer, but also essential for your eCommerce store to thrive throughout the coming year.

If you take the time to know your product, you should also know your consumer and their desires. With photoshoots and specially made illustrations, you will be able to convey intimate and personal moments that your product or service offers. This creates an individualized experience for your customers in order to show them you’re anything but fake—you know them and you know they need your brand in their life.

New Year, New Trends

The important takeaway from knowing web design trends in 2019 is that you can’t afford to be lazy when it comes to your eCommerce store. Point blank. DigitlHaus knows you have an original brand that is worth consumer attention and that some of these trends will fit the bill for your website. We give business owners the peace of mind that is necessary in moving forward with a new year. The better the design, the better the shopping experience. With consumers flocking to your well-designed webpage, 2019 will be a fruitful year for your eCommerce store.

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