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The Power of eCommerce Branding

Jul 6, 2018

Powerful branding can make a world of difference to both corporate and small businesses.

Because of the easy access to information online, consumers are increasingly aware of what they’re paying for. They know how to search for a better product at a lower price. If something generic is cheaper on Amazon, why bother going to a small retailer that doesn’t offer 2-day shipping?

Online shoppers favor individual retailers over Amazon when they offer a unique product or service that delivers customer satisfaction consistently. Here’s when a strong branding comes into play – it can create a lasting impression on your potential and existing customers.

Nike comes in mind when you want a quality pair of athletic shoes; Sephora is where you go for a large collection of high-end cosmetics and skincare; Airbnb is the go-to website for looking up travel accommodations if you don’t have the budget for a luxury hotel. These brands have successfully positioned themselves as leaders in their respective markets – you’ll always remember what their logos look like and how their websites feel. You can almost imagine how these brands would sound or behave in a party if they were alive. That’s the power of branding.

Let’s look at a few eCommerce companies with impactful branding and try to learn something from them.

Warby Parker

Started as an online business, Warby Parker disrupted the eyewear market by offering stylish, well-designed glasses at affordable prices. The co-founders had made sure the company debuted as a fashion brand instead of just an eyewear brand, which had given the brand an express ticket to fame. Today, most people think of the brand as timeless and sophisticated.

Warby Parker was the first eyewear retailer to provide the at-home try-on feature for online shoppers who wanted to try on the glasses before they made a purchase. Before the company grew big enough to open up brick-and-mortar locations, the try-on option was revolutionary for online retail.

Like TOMS, Warby Parker would also donate a pair of glasses to someone in need for every purchase. It’s not a coincidence that Warby Parker established a socially conscious initiative – it aligns with the brand’s identity and value, hence reinforcing the brand’s leading position in the eyewear market.


Consumers have relied on drugstore vitamin supplements for decades until Ritual came in and questioned the traditional multivitamins brands. Ritual asked the consumers a simple question: what exactly is in the vitamin pill? Most of us didn’t even know where to look for proper information.  

Ritual seized the opportunity to educate the public about multivitamins by creating informative videos and destroying myths. The brand promoted itself as non-GMO, vegan, free of synthetic fillers and colorants. In an increasingly health conscious world, Ritual’s brand message easily resonated with its customers.

Did we also mention the no-nonsense product packaging? A clear bottle marked with simple description: “Essential for Women. 2/day.” The minimal packaging echoes with the brand’s fuss-free identity.

Ritual’s website is functional without any cluster. The copy is precise and straightforward, directly reflecting the consistent brand voice.

Twilight Time

Movie lovers who don’t quite find the Netflix or Hulu selections satisfying can find their place in Twilight Time, a client of ours. The brand’s niche lies in offering vintage films from 1890s to 2010s for DVD collectors and film enthusiasts.

Twilight Time’s website homepage features vintage DVD covers with a rotating archive of classic movies. Customers can filter the titles by year, genre, director, etc. The timeline option works well for the brand particularly because of its emphasis on vintage movies. The brand’s niche provides an online space for customers who are looking for a sense of community and industry expertise, both of which are harder to find on Amazon.

Before Twilight Time worked with our agency, the company’s website was built with an outdated theme and platform. A rebranding through DigitlHaus has increased Twilight Time’s conversion rate as high as 45%. By improving the visual experience for shoppers, the company was able to see positive results almost right away.

What Can We Learn from These Brands?

Product Differentiation

To attract an intelligent crowd of online shoppers, your eCommerce business needs to have a strong branding along with a curated collection of high quality products. What kind of hook are you offering your customers? Once you find your niche, be sure to capitalize on the unique benefits of your products.

Brand Voice

What is your brand’s personality? If your brand was to speak like a human being, how would it talk? Does it have a serious tone or a casual one? Think about Ritual’s brand voice – authoritative, confident, yet still approachable. Take time to craft a character for your brand by listing out your company’s traits and values.

User Experience

Online shoppers breathe in information visually – and you usually have about three seconds to capture their attention. Is your landing page retaining visitors or directing them to other pages to see more? Do you present your products with captivating images and copy? Look at your website through a customer’s eye and keep improving small details!


Branding isn’t only about designing a memorable logo or coming up with a catchy tagline. It’s the overall experience you’re delivering to the customers with your website experience, color palette, language, packaging. With a powerful branding, you’ll be selling a contagious idea, not simply a product.

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