It all started with a dog named Zelda who had a habit of jumping between seats during car rides. To solve this problem, owners Gordi and Kitter Spater developed a prototype called the “Backseat Barrier”. After experimenting and selling the product online, the Kurgo brand unexpectedly took off. Ever since, the Spater brothers have been building the Kurgo brand into a leading provider of dog-focused travel and safety products. 

Kurgo can be summed up with just one word, “go”. This forward motion informs everything they do, the products they make, the causes they are passionate about and the impact they hope to have on their customers. Kurgo believes in products that are safe, made to last and most importantly, adventurous.

Due to their competitive industry, Kurgo needed a stronger digital presence that could support their growing product catalog.




Before Kurgo partnered with DigitlHaus, they were using an outdated platform called 3DCart. They were utilizing a provided theme that was outdated and clunky. This alone was affecting their sales and conversions. They wanted to migrate to a more advanced eCommerce platform, one they could grow with.

Mobile experience was also a concern. Their mobile experience on 3DCart was difficult to navigate and often broke when the store was updated.

Overall, site speed was very slow and affected their Google ranking. Many pages were cluttered with copy and other content for SEO purposes. This was not only affecting user flow and preventing customers from finding products, but also affecting page load time.

A majority of Kurgo’s products are available in multiple options, colors and sizes. At the time, they didn’t have an intuitive way to display or organize these options to their customer. Product filtering and faceted search was another requirement they requested with the new platform.

As part of their drive to educate customers, Kurgo had developed a library of articles full of useful information. This content included instructions for using specific products and valuable dog training techniques. They wanted a way to conveniently provide this information to their customers.

Finally, Kurgo wanted to sell to wholesale customers. They needed a way to offer discounted pricing and large quantity discounts.



  • Platform Migration
  • Customer Experience Strategy
  • Creative Direction
  • Responsive UX Design
  • Custom Development
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Conversion Rate Optimization




The team at DigitlHaus found ways to meet all of Kurgo’s requirements and more. After a platform evaluation, we decided that BigCommerce Enterprise would be the best solution.

Putting user experience first, we designed and developed an entirely new UX for the company. Our design team visually communicated Kurgo by branding the new experience with fonts, colors and detailed photography. We integrated a focus on forward momentum by subverting standard design grids with large photographs, horizontal text and overlays.

Beyond the desktop experience, we built an intuitive mobile experience that was strategically focused on conversions. As mobile users were Kurgo’s primary traffic source, it was crucial to ensure this experience was easy to use, navigate and purchase from.

We restructured their cluttered SEO content by incorporating a custom blog. This blog featured tags that the company could use for organizing their information into articles and featured posts.

As a subset of the blog, our team also custom designed and developed a resource center library that organized all of Kurgo’s useful articles, tips and product reviews. Users can now find helpful information quickly and easily.

Through BigCommerce, our team utilized the native faceted search functionality. We created custom filters that allowed customers to narrow down their results within specific tiers.

Our designers developed custom product pages that included a wide range of information with graphs and illustrations, including:

  • Detailed Charts
  • Product Illustrations
  • Warranty Information
  • Product Accessory Requirements

This unique template also included educational materials that helped customers determine what products they needed.

Finally, we integrated a wholesale signup process. With this new feature, users would fill out a form and be added to a specific customer group for discount pricing. This feature is one of the many benefits BigCommerce offers out of the box.



  • BigCommerce Enterprise
  • Bazaarvoice
  • Store Mapper
  • Olark
  • Jotform
  • Klaviyo
  • Celigo




After implementing these updates, Kurgo saw immediate growth. Their mobile conversions finally started to surpass desktop.

Kurgo’s site speed has also drastically improved, along with their SEO ranking.

With their new site launch, Kurgo now offers their customers a seamless branded experience on both desktop and mobile devices. Their updated look and feel gives them a competitive advantage, and most importantly sets them up for sustainable growth.

  • Time on Site

  • AOV

  • Mobile Conversions

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