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Design in the age of eCommerce Part 1

Apr 19, 2018

Attraction Over Content
Content is great for SEO and education, but can be overbearing, especially long paragraphs of text throughout your homepage, category page and product page. In today’s age of online shopping we’re quick, want to know what we are buying and want to know who we’re buying from. Make the content simple and right to the point so your customers are not spending the time reading through paragraphs of text rather than adding products to their cart. Use content pages or webpages to store content that you can link to from the homepage, category page or product page that your customers can easily access if they wanted to learn more.

The Overall Experience (UX)
Your online store should be an experience just as if your customer walked into your brick and mortar store. You would display items side by side and merchandise in a way that was attractive to the eye as well as have a selling strategy as the customer walks down the aisles. Interactive elements are a great way to engage the customer about your brand or product. Content hover over blocks or interactive animations are elements that will set your brand apart from competitors. This will also engage the customer to explore more products and make it less likely for them to bounce.

Shopping On The Go
Shopping on mobile and tablet devices should be just as easy or easier than shopping on desktop. In today’s generation we are always on the go and are continuously shopping on mobile devices as our lifestyles are busy ones. Make sure to eliminate unnecessary elements and make the design easy to read, navigate and search, even on the smallest devices.

Imagery & Video
Of course we love beautiful product photos, but we also want to know how the product works and how it’s used without needing to go to a physical location or store to test it out or see it. You can accomplish this by using lifestyle photography or video. Showing the customer how a product is being used or what it looks like through video or imagery will influence the customer to trust in you and your product. They will be more likely to purchase and less likely to go elsewhere if they are confident in what they are buying.

Modern Branding
Today, branding is simple. Using solid colors, thin lines and crisp typefaces are techniques that are easy on the eyes. We like simplicity. Forget the overbearing, graphic heavy sites that look like they were designed in the 90’s. Let’s take Apple.com for example… simple. They never fail and are always ahead of the game when it comes to these simple techniques.

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