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DigitlHaus is Now a Shogun Frontend Certified Development Agency

Oct 5, 2021

Are you interested in upgrading your eCommerce storefront or migrating to a headless solution? If so, consider making the switch to Shogun Frontend! 

This cutting-edge technology is perfect for crafting an innovative eCommerce experience that will help you sell more products, faster. However, not all development firms have the technical prowess to build within the software.

Fortunately, DigitlHaus can! Our experts have been verified and approved by Shogun to perform complete Shogun Frontend builds from start to finish. We can handle anything from design, development, and launch to ongoing maintenance and optimization.

Below, we’ll take a look at the basic capabilities of Shogun Frontend and its potential benefits for your organization. Our goal is to help you determine whether this next-generation eCommerce technology is the right solution for your business. 

After hearing about the endless capabilities of Shogun Frontend, we believe that your decision will be an easy one!

What is Shogun Frontend?

Shogun Frontend is a packaged frontend platform that allows your brand to go headless, the easy way. In short, you can use Shogun Frontend as the “head” atop your existing backend platform, decoupling your frontend and backend technologies for greater flexibility. Shogun Frontend allows eCommerce businesses to completely redesign their shopping experience to any style or format that they desire—no more compromises. Shogun Frontend seamlessly integrates with  Shopify and BigCommerce.

Shogun Frontend leverages the latest technology to produce sub-second load times. It uses what is known as the Progressive Web App technology (PWA). The result is eliminating the tradeoff between speed and a robust desktop and mobile experience – greatly improving conversion rates.

With Shogun Frontend, eCommerce businesses keep their preferred ecommerce platform on for all of their back-office and Shogun Frontend takes over their entire frontend presentation layer, until checkout – where checkout remains with the backend platform. Ultimately this means brands are able to create a fast and personalized experience for their consumers while leveraging the stability of BigCommerce or Shopify’s backend setup.

What is PWA Technology?

Shogun Frontend’s output is a Progressive Web App (PWA). Simply put, a PWA functions like a mobile app but instead of it being native to your phone through the app store, it’s in your mobile browser.

Think of a PWA as a website that ‘progressively becomes a web application.’ What’s initially loaded is a traditional website, then in the background, it becomes a mobile app by fetching all the pages that are likely to be clicked without the shopper knowing.

Where PWAs are powerful is on mobile. With mobile conversion rates being less than desktop, page speed is often the culprit. With a PWA, highly mobile brands see a significant lift from an upgraded mobile experience and native-app-like page speed.

PWA technology reduces your long-term operating costs, as well. This is because PWAs can be developed using a single code base in order to reach users both on mobile and desktop.

In addition, PWA technology allows the DigitlHaus team to create pages with sub-second load times, which further enhances the user shopping experience as well as increased conversions.

What is a Headless Solution?

The phrase “headless” refers to the process of separating the backend and frontend of your eCommerce store. The “backend” is the technology that facilitates essential processes related to sales, including billing, financials, inventory management, and other functionalities. The “frontend” is the platform that produces the captivating storefront that your customers can interact with.

When using traditional or “headed” platforms, the frontend and backend are intertwined. This is true when you’re using either BigCommerce or Shopify’s entire stack.

When you go “headless,” these two aspects of your online store are independent of one another. They simply communicate with each other through software known as application programming interfaces or APIs.

By dividing these two platforms into separate entities, you can make your eCommerce site more dynamic, scalable, and agile. 

While the backend will still be responsible for providing essential functionalities, it will not be directly tied to the frontend. Therefore, you can take more liberties with the design of your storefront in order to present consumers with a truly innovative and engaging shopping experience.  

Is Shogun Frontend for You?

Thousands of BigCommerce and Shopify users have been making the switch to a headless solution. Going headless with a platform like Shogun Frontend offers many benefits. These benefits include:

Improved Workflows

Perhaps the biggest advantage of Shogun Frontend is that it offers improved workflows for marketers and devs. While Shopify and BigCommerce have plenty of custom template options, these pre-designed storefronts are not known for being very flexible. This makes many users fearful of altering their frontend platform.

By using Shogun Frontend, users gain access to a scalable solution that can readily be altered without the need for a massive design overhaul.

If you want to stay competitive in the world of digital commerce, then you must be able to continually refine the user experience. Shogun Frontend gives you the ability to do just that.

Enhanced Independence

Due to the intuitive design of Shogun Frontend, you can achieve newfound independence once your store is launched. 

While DigitlHaus offers a full suite of support and maintenance services, you will also have the ability to manage the complete frontend experience yourself. This includes tasks like creating personalized product pages or new landing pages.

Superior Creative Freedom

With the inherent rigidity of traditional eCommerce sites, you might have been hesitant to enhance the richness of your user experience in the past. Fortunately, Shogun Frontend offers you superior creative freedom when compared to the basic theme templates that are provided on Shopify and BigCommerce.

DigitlHaus can use the full power of Shogun Frontend to design a shopping experience that converts. We will bring your vision to life, in a modern way, all while creating a world-class user experience that is future-proof and one that can be managed.

DigitlHaus, Your Certified Shogun Frontend Development Partner

While Shogun Frontend is a dynamic and innovative platform, maximizing its capabilities requires finesse and technical skills. That’s where we come in!

DigitlHaus is approved by Shogun to perform complete Frontend builds from beginning to end. We are recommended by Shogun, which means that we are an agency of choice when clients are interested in the Frontend Platform.

In addition, we have vast experience in headless builds. Our senior development team is experienced in React, which uses components crucial to building on Shogun Frontend. We have created a headless architecture process and have the CMS expertise necessary for award-winning headless solutions.If you are interested in a headless solution or want to take advantage of the countless benefits of Shogun Frontend, contact our experts today!

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