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Sub-Second Page Loads by Shogun Frontend

Jul 22, 2020

Shogun’s New Product: Frontend

In feudal Japan, a shogun was a military leader who operated behind the scenes, controlling not only the military, but managing the feudal system and foreign policy, among other crucial government duties.  In other words, they virtually kept the whole system operating on behalf of the largely ceremonial emperors who appointed them.  You might not see how this relates to your eCommerce platform, but when you consider that Shogun technologies help you to optimize and manage the infrastructure that makes up your online store, it becomes more apparent how they work to support you behind the scenes, so to speak.

While you probably already have a back-end solution like BigCommerce Enterprise, you need front-end help, especially with more consumers than ever turning to online and mobile shopping platforms.  You need your online interface to offer the quick, convenient virtual shopping experience your customers expect, as well as a visually stimulating experience that increases engagement and minimizes bounce rates.

From a logistical standpoint, you also need a simple, streamlined content management system that allows you to edit and customize with ease.  This is where Frontend comes in, seamlessly integrating with BigCommerce Enterprise for your convenience.  What is Frontend and what benefits can you gain when you partner with DigitlHaus to implement Frontend on your BigCommerce Enterprise site?  Here’s what you need to know.

What is Frontend?

The philosophy behind Shogun products is ease of use.  They aim to make it easy for eCommerce businesses to build unique and engaging interfaces that deliver the speed and convenience customers expect.  Frontend delivers exactly that, with a simple, but robust content management system that allows you to manage all of your content from a single location, enacting content changes quickly and efficiently.

The experience manager empowers your team to get right to the good stuff, thanks to master pages and pre-built page sections that facilitate speedy editing, without having to hassle with code.  In addition, there’s an integrated development environment that opens the door to quick and easy custom configurations.  Compatibility with backend partners like BigCommerce Enterprise rounds out the roster or reasons why you’ll appreciate Frontend.

However, it also helps you provide a truly exceptional user experience, thanks to superior load times.  Where Frontend truly shines is in the delivery of sub-second page loads for your entire eCommerce store, whether consumers are shopping online or accessing your pages via mobile devices.  Anything other than instant loading could drive bounce rates and cost you customers and sales.  With Frontend, page load delays are a thing of the past.

DigitlHaus and Frontend: The Perfect Pair

DigitlHaus is a proud partner of Shogun, and we’re pleased to offer Frontend setup and integration as a means of enhancing the BigCommerce Enterprise platform.  Our award-winning agency delivers end-to-end solutions, from concept and design, to building unique B2B and B2C experiences, to ensuring desired outcomes like engagement and conversions.

We help you to create the eCommerce experience that appeals to customers and drives business successes, and we do it by choosing digital partners that offer the most advanced and innovative tools.  It starts with foundational storefront/shopping cart infrastructure from lauded partners like BigCommerce Enterprise, which we help you to optimize for your specific business needs and audience preferences.

From there, we integrate add-ons like Frontend that boost speeds, improve the user experience, and make it easy to customize, configure, and edit your pages, so you can pivot quickly to provide the most current and relevant content to consumers.  At DigitlHaus, we’re known for our award-winning designs for BigCommerce and other platforms, but at the end of the day, you need tools that work for you and make your life easier.  With DigitlHaus and Frontend, you’ll enjoy significant performance improvements and the ability to update with ease, in addition to an attractive and engaging virtual storefront.

Benefits of Frontend for BigCommerce Enterprise and Shopify Plus Clients

You want to provide your customers with the best possible user experience, and while BigCommerce Enterprise lets you customize to appeal to your target audience and offers a solid foundation for eCommerce transactions, you can always improve.  Frontend is an ideal addition for BigCommerce Enterprise clients looking to enhance an already outstanding product.

What benefits will you enjoy when you work with DigitlHaus to get the most out of Frontend?  As noted, page load speeds are incredibly fast, and this performance enhancement is important because speedy, sub-second page loads mean impatient browsers never have to suffer through frustrating, snails-pace loading that drives them to navigate away.

This is especially crucial for sites that get a lot of mobile traffic, where load times can be particularly cumbersome.  When your pages load in the blink of an eye, you have the best opportunity to ensure conversions, which in turn lead to revenue.  Both online and mobile customers will enjoy a fast and convenient user experience when you upgrade your BigCommerce Enterprise site with Frontend, and conversions are the natural result.

In addition, you’ll enjoy easy management capabilities when it comes to building pages visually, creating a more attractive and engaging user experience quickly and easily.  BigCommerce Enterprise is a robust eCommerce platform built to drive sales, but with Frontend, you’ll gain easy and elegant solutions for optimizing your customer interface.

When it comes to upgrades that enhance your Shopify Plus site, you’ll find that Frontend offers some very attractive benefits, as well.  Instead of using the Shopify Plus platform to manage the entire shopping experience, you can opt for a headless approach, whereby you manage eCommerce aspects of your online store with Shopify Plus tools, but utilize the superior features of Frontend for the purposes of managing your customer interface.

This offers greater flexibility when it comes to building a positive and engaging customer experience.  Instead of using tools that are designed for eCommerce operations to manage your customer interactions, you can let Shopify Plus do what it’s designed for (facilitating sales) and add the capabilities of Frontend to create a better customer experience with your brand.

Easy customization, testing, and the flexibility and scalability to quickly meet customer expectations and improve conversion rates are just a few of the reasons why Frontend is a fantastic addition to your Shopify Plus site. 

What Makes Frontend Competitive?

Frontend offers convenience for e-commerce sites, along with performance enhancements that improve the user experience.  Sub-second page loads are hard to beat.  However, we understand that decisions regarding website performance upgrades often come down to the bottom line.

This is why we’re pleased to offer competitive, enterprise pricing for sites seeking outstanding performance at affordable rates.  Even better, Frontend offers solutions that help you to reach your ultimate goals: conversions, sales, and revenue.  Frontend beats competitors when it comes to saving you time, boosting conversions, and generally helping you to cut costs while increasing earnings.

The Solutions You Need from DigitlHaus

At DigitlHaus, your satisfaction is always our top priority, and we ensure positive and productive outcomes by not only partnering with renowned platforms and technologies, but by offering end-to-end services designed to reduce hassle and improve user experience.  Ultimately, we want to help you reach your eCommerce business goals in the most effective and efficient ways possible.We want to empower your brand to connect with consumers, and Frontend only helps to elevate customer interactions.  If you’re interested in a demo and you want to learn more about how to take advantage of the many benefits offered by Shogun’s Frontend app, don’t hesitate to contact DigitlHaus today at 850-687-1876 or online.

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