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Grow Your PPC Campaign with these 5 Tips

Jun 30, 2017

Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaign is an effective online advertising tool where you only have to pay if someone clicks on the ad. PPC campaign targets certain search keywords and a specific audience to yield effective results. The theory sounds very appealing to eCommerce businesses, however, the implementation of a PPC campaign can be very daunting.

We’ve put together 5 tips on mastering your PPC strategy on Google Adwords so you can get the most out of your marketing budget.

Set Your Keywords Correctly and Carefully  

Keyword strategy is the most important part of your PPC campaign. Of course, you’ll want to choose relevant keywords that can accurately target potential buyers.

What’s important, though, is adding negative keywords. They allow you to exclude irrelevant terms in your keywords so your ads won’t show up in unrelated searches. For example, if you’re posting an ad offering translation service, you’ll want to eliminate words like “jobs” and “employment” so your ads won’t show up to job seekers. Negative keywords are usually very generic terms that can deviate your ad’s purpose.

Review Your Ad Copy 

A strong PPC ad copy sells. Always answer this question for the customer – “what’s in it for you?” Write a compelling copy that’ll make people want to click on your ad. Always use active verbs in your copy and include a call to action, i.e. purchase, get, sign up.

It’s also useful to include numbers or statistics in your ad copy. If you have a very competitive pricing or a limited time discount on a product, mention it. You can write 3 to 4 ads for each ad group and rotate the ads automatically to see which one performs the best.

Optimize Your Landing Page  

Take a look at your landing page – is it relevant to what your ad says? If your ad tells people about a 50% storewide sale, is your landing page reflecting that immediately? Create a clear page layout with strong call-to-action phrases. Make sure the page loads quickly and strike a balance between having too little or too much content on the landing page.

Remember, you only have up to 8 seconds to make the right impression before someone clicks the exit button.

Remarketing Campaigns 

Remarketing is like rescuing your abandoned carts and approaching people who’re already familiar with your website. Google Adwords released the remarketing feature for showing ads to your past visitors or anyone who has interacted with your online business. For example, your ads and show up to those who have viewed your products without making a purchase at the end.

It might sound a bit counterintuitive to target people who’ve already passed on your business. But think about this – if you walk by the same coffee shop every day, wouldn’t you eventually go in and try out how the coffee tastes? Remarketing has proved to increase ROI for many eCommerce businesses and you should take advantage of this feature when it comes to PPC campaigns.

Use Sitelink Extensions 

Sitelink extensions allow you to show 2 to 6 links on your ads. You can use it to test out different calls to action or direct people to different pages of your website. For example, you can include links to check out your store hours and special offers.

This feature boosts the opportunity of people clicking on the link and you’re only charged for the clicks. Adding sitelinks is free, so why not utilizing this function to your advantage?

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