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Invest in Email Marketing

Jun 30, 2017

What’s the secret to successful marketing?

Go where the people are, and in this modern world, they are online. Everyone is searching the internet, scrolling through social media, or browsing through emails.

When deciding which marketing tool to use for your online business, you have many options to choose from – social media, content marketing, email marketing, etc. Email marketing is the one channel you should invest in because of its consistent high ROI for the past decade.

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a direct form of personal engagement with your customers. Any email you send to a potential or existing client with the purpose of developing and strengthening relationships is considered email marketing.

Why Should You Invest in Email Marketing?

According to Campaign Monitor, email marketing generates $38 in ROI for each $1 you spend. The impressive ROI explains why email marketing works – it’s the most effective digital marketing channel that you shouldn’t ignore.

Most eCommerce businesses think social media is the way to go for marketing products and services today, but email marketing is much more effective. Email acquires nearly 40 times more customers than social media – Facebook and Twitter combined.

Out of all the marketing options, email marketing is the preferred way to maintain relationships with customers by having constant contact. Digital email marketing can reach out to both new and existing with useful information, product announcements, event alerts, and much more. Regular email newsletters keep your business stay on the customers’ radar. One-off emails with special deals and offers can always attract your customers to visit your website and make some valued purchases.

Which Email Marketing Platform Should You Use?

Now that you’ve decided to invest in email marketing, you need to decide which email marketing platform you’ll use.

We recommend MailChimp, one of the top email marketing platforms that welcomed 3.5 million new users last year alone. MailChimp is essentially free, making it a great option for new businesses or those who are just starting to use email marketing. When you first sign up, you get a free subscriber list of 2,000, plus a monthly send limit of 12,000 emails.

Setting up your MailChimp account and emails is extremely easy. The platform even offers low-risk introductions as it provides step by step directions for each email campaign. If your email list grows and exceeds your 2,000-subscriber limit, then you can simply upgrade to one of MailChimp’s paid accounts.

MailChimp is the most user-friendly email marketing platform with flexibility in creation and design. You can customize how your fonts and links will look in the email and just drag and drop images. You can create a beautiful and professional looking email within minutes, but you can save it and schedule the email to be sent out at your preferred time.

Ready to Start Investing in Email Marketing?

After hearing all the benefits of email marketing, are you ready to invest in it? DigitlHaus is here for you. Simply drop us a message here and we can talk about how to kick-start your email marketing campaign today.

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