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A Checkout that will Increase Conversions & Keep You Safe

Jul 9, 2019

As an eCommerce merchant, the last thing you want to worry about is if your checkout experience is dull in comparison to your competitors. Or maybe, even worse—your checkout is inadvertently causing your conversion rate to slide down the rabbit hole.

The truth is, a messy checkout can lead to more abandoned carts and fraudulent charges going through. Which, in turn, means that not only is your checkout experience making your conversion rate lower, but it’s also costing you more money and time—money and time better spent on other aspects of your business.

That’s why we at DigitlHaus want to push our clients toward the most cutting edge and efficient checkout technology on the market. In our opinion, the best checkout that will raise your conversion rate and help your business grow is Bolt

Bolt is a new payment platform that strives to be even better than Amazon checkout. Their goal is to make your customer’s checkout experience friction free. This means they understand that high friction—more hassle for the customer when they are trying to buy something—really kills sales by leading to cart abandonment and dissatisfied shoppers.

Not only does Bolt have your customers in mind, but they also have you as a business owner at the center of their technology. Bolt’s checkout experience is unparalleled when it comes to keeping your store safe from scammers that want to push through fraudulent payments. In the end, this type of offering will save you the much needed time and effort that you need to keep your business on the path of growth.

Bolt is also different from other checkout applications because they integrate several different checkout technologies into one platform. This means that fraud detection, payment gateway and processors, and shopping cart are all seamlessly combined into a single application service.

So how does Bolt do this? There are three main payment features that help make Bolt an innovative and essential checkout technology for your eCommerce store:

Here’s a little bit about each of these features and how they can help your business.

High Performance Checkout

The ultimate goal for this feature is to reduce the instances of abandoned carts and therefore boost your conversion rate. By optimizing the layout and function of your checkout, your customers will benefit from having a faster and more satisfying payment experience.

This is done through Bolt’s modal overlay, which shines brighter in comparison to slower interfaces that contain unessential form fields and redirects. It’s simple, really—if your customer doesn’t have to fill out a billing address because the fraud detection technology does the work for them, they are able to make the purchase faster than ever before.

According to case user studies, this type of streamlined checkout experience has merchants seeing a 10-20% boost in checkout completion rates. Bolt not only gives your customers an exceptional experience in comparison to other checkout technologies, but also puts more money in your pocket and helps your business thrive.

So, ultimately, what you can expect from this feature? Abandoned carts, which are every merchant’s nightmare, will happen significantly fewer times. Also, because of Bolt’s optimized interface, you get a checkout experience that is simple, yet elegant in display and execution. Not to mention, if your customers are happier with their checkout experience, this can lead to higher average order value and therefore, higher shopper lifetime value.

Clear Insight and Analytics

When it comes to tracking the stats and numbers that matter the most to you as a business owner, you need the technology that will put that data into the best perspective for you. This is all easily handled by Bolt’s merchant dashboard. Not only can you keep track of the metrics that you care about seeing, but you also see the money you’re saving through Bolt. This is all easily managed in a single dashboard.

Within the dashboard, you can search, sort, and filter through transactions easily by: status, date, order number, amount, or customer ID. This technology is also equipped to give you the power to: 1) export important transaction data for accounting purposes 2) accept payments via virtual terminal and 3) force approve any transaction with the click of a button.

Customer support is also important when looking at a checkout service integration. If you have any questions or concerns raised at any time, you can contact Bolt’s customer support line via live chat, email, or phone—available 24/7. This means you can talk to a human being rather than a robot regarding important transaction information, whether it be a minor or urgent matter regarding their services to you and your business.

Precision Fraud Detection

Fraud protection is really what we think makes Bolt extra special when it comes to the ultimate checkout experience. If you have to worry about fraud—instead of it being merely an afterthought of your store’s checkout system—then you need to look into Bolt. Their Precision Fraud Engine identifies and approves more customers that deserve doing business with you. Not only that, but they also cover 100% of what they get wrong when it comes to fraudulent transactions.

Bolt’s fraud detection technology is backed by a team of professional engineers that developed highly sophisticated systems that will keep you safe from scammers. This means that you’ve got the best in human developers aided by powerful and advanced machine learning technologies that learn from the behavior of those committing fraud.

The best things that comes of this type of protection are: 1) more approval on orders that deserve to go through, but might have been falsely rejected 2) complete coverage on fraud-related chargebacks and 3) no more order review, as their technology removes the need for manual order review.

If you’re partnered with BigCommerce, there’s even better news. It’s simple and easy to integrate this frictionless checkout experience with your BigCommerce store. Take a look here on how to integrate.

DigitlHaus can help consult, setup, and integrate this application into your store. We can even customize the experience so its seamless with your brand! Contact us here and get Bolt integrated on your store today!

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