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We are a Klaviyo Systems Integrator Certified Partner

Dec 21, 2020

What is Klaviyo?

Technology allows for some truly revolutionary advances in business, but collecting big data and using it to your advantage are two different things.  Klaviyo seeks to tie the two together for businesses looking to take control of real-time data streams in order to create data-driven content that leads to increasing sales.

The Klaviyo platform is, in essence, an email marketing and transactional email service designed to integrate with popular e-commerce systems like BigCommerce.  Many e-commerce companies don’t have the resources to sift through all the customer data they collect fast enough to properly utilize it for relevant and timely targeting via email, ads, and other channels.  As a result, they have to outsource this task, costing them money and some measure of control over messaging.

With Klaviyo, users enjoy advanced analytics and customer buying insights that allow for targeted communications and messaging to drive not only click-through, but conversions like sales.  In addition to providing these valuable tools, Klaviyo is committed to improving outcomes through machine-based learning that drives product improvements, as well as workshops that deliver the guidance business owners need to capitalize on this powerful platform.

Benefits of Klaviyo for Your E-Commerce Operation

Would you rather take the time to sift through customer data so you can use it in the most effective way, or move fast to take advantage of trends?  With Klaviyo, you don’t have to choose.  This clever toolkit is designed to integrate with data sources so users can create customer experiences across channels, measure results, and scale as needed, all within a single technology.

Klaviyo’s unique approach to data-driven marketing starts by collecting data from myriad marketing tools and presenting it in a single, cohesive format so you can more easily gain insights and use them to increase ROI based on preferred factors like customer behavior, engagement with past campaigns, recent spending habits, demographic information, and more.  In short, it puts the power of timely, relevant marketing back in the hands of business owners.

DigitlHaus is Your Trusted Systems Integrator for Klaviyo

DigitlHaus is proud to be a Klaviyo Systems Integrator certified partner, which means we’re capable of offering our clients the best integration options and support.  As one of only a handful of partner agencies to earn the distinction of certified Systems Integrator through Klaviyo’s initial certification offering, DigitlHaus is positioned to meet your needs and ensure that you get the most out of this exciting new addition to BigCommerce and other platforms.

DigitlHaus can offer custom integrations and solutions with the Klaviyo API that help enhance marketing data, marketing emails, and transactional emails, so you have the best opportunity to quickly capitalize on rich data and see an uptick in ROI.  Even better, we can help to ensure that Klaviyo seamlessly integrates with the existing workflow for your e-commerce system and company, so you don’t have to worry about cobbling together myriad technologies.

What can custom integration do for you?  Consider marketing emails.  You don’t want to send every customer the same email – they’re all unique and you need to reflect their personalized experience with your company through targeted emails and ads.  We can help you segment customers based on data points like behaviors and events, allowing you to deliver marketing campaigns that generate improved outcomes.

Of course, it all starts with gaining better insights into your customers.  Using data science, Klaviyo can offer predictive analysis that helps you understand when and how to target consumers to take advantage of who is mostly likely to buy and when they’re most likely to make purchases.  With this data, you can automate emails, identify churn risk, and generally maximize sales and profit.

As your full-service, digital e-commerce agency, our goal is always to help you work smarter, not harder.  This is essential for businesses looking to curb waste and optimize efficiencies.  Klaviyo is all about automation that helps you to earn more with less effort.  It sounds too good to be true, but with options to A/B test automated emails, compare conversion rates, and use real-time data to trigger email automation, you’ll see incredible results, while significantly reducing your workload.

All in all, our partnership with Klaviyo helps to enhance your existing BigCommerce website and streamline the flow of data so you can immediately turn insights into marketing efforts that drive consumer purchases.  We’re here to help you regain control of your growth channels by taking full advantage of all that Klaviyo has to offer with custom integration.

Jared Pomranky

Technical Content Strategist, DigitlHaus Agency

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