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Increase Revenue with Bold Commerce

Aug 18, 2020

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to online sales, and shopping platforms that fail to account for this simply aren’t offering the tools your business needs to succeed.  You want to give your customers options to shop and purchase with preferred settings and features, and DigitlHaus is committed to delivering the solutions that satisfy your customers and provide the best opportunity to grow your company in the online arena.

To that end, we’ve partnered with Bold, a BigCommerce-compatible solution primarily geared toward businesses that want to deliver a customized checkout experience that meets the needs of shoppers, with options for preferred language and currency, as well as support for both one-time and recurring sales.  Online operations that offer subscription services need specialized solutions, and thanks to our partnership with Bold, we’re pleased to help you deliver the easy and convenient transactions customers expect, so you can boost sales.

What is Bold?  What does a DigitlHaus/Bold partnership mean for you, and what benefits will you gain by adding Bold solutions to your BigCommerce site?

What is Bold?

Bold is your checkout, your way.  What does this mean?  When paired with the already accommodating BigCommerce platform, Bold provides opportunities to customize the checkout experience, provide for customer preferences, and launch and scale subscription services.

When it comes to your checkout experience, you want customers to associate the look, feel, and flow of purchasing with your brand, and Bold allows you to customize the experience with the APIs and plug-ins that best meet company and customer needs.  You can create a seamless customer experience from the moment consumers reach your landing page, through browsing and checkout.

You can choose from single- or multi-page checkout options.  Built-in geo-location tools automatically localize the shopping experience with language and currency (over 150 currencies supported) appropriate to the region, or you can let customers select their preferences.  There are no additional credit card fees applied for conversion, and rates are converted in real time.  In addition, Bold supports over 19 forms of payment, from credit cards and gift cards, to PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and more, as well as payment gateways Adyen, Braintree, Stripe, and so on.

Take payment when the purchase is made or upon fulfillment, or pre-authorize for purchases.  Securely store payment information and offer the option to save multiple cards to accounts for convenient payment options at checkout.  Best of all, you’ll gain the ability to support subscription payments.

Many online businesses struggle to provide a simple, streamlined subscription payment option, but Bold makes it easy for BigCommerce sites.  You can easily manage recurring billing, including charging customers when orders ship, so they aren’t billed for orders that haven’t yet been fulfilled.  You can bill in a customer’s chosen currency and even offer the flexibility for customers to check out with both subscription and one-time purchases in their cart.

If you’re interested in converting customers to subscribers, Bold has the solutions that help you to quickly and easily scale up functionality for recurring billing with inclusive billing options and customer portals that are user-friendly.  Convenient subscription management tools ensure satisfied customers and help you to manage customer relationships to maximize lifetime value.

Our Partnership with Bold

At DigitlHaus, our award-winning e-commerce team is committed to helping your business find the best ways to engineer growing successes, mainly by providing the design/development, tools, and expert guidance that facilitate operational efficiencies, allow for branding and customization, and help you to provide the best possible user experience for your customers.  As a premier Bold Partner, we help you to make the most of this exciting checkout and subscription management solution.

It starts by integrating Bold with your BigCommerce site, ensuring that you receive the customization you prefer, along with the features best suited to the needs of your business and your audience.  DigitlHaus always endeavors to ensure seamless integration and targeted implementation tailored to your specific preferences.  With both technical and creative goals in mind, we’ll make sure that Bold delivers the solutions you need to make the checkout experience a seamless and convenient extension of online shopping with your brand.

The Benefits of Bold for BigCommerce Users

If your e-commerce site is already running on the robust BigCommerce platform, you know the benefits of their customizable and automated solutions.  That said, the addition of Bold can offer you even more opportunities to make your site work for your business and your customers.

Bold provides options to customize the checkout experience, creating a secure, seamless, branded transition between shopping and purchases.  You’ll also enjoy the ability to integrate with associated checkout apps, including Bold Upsell that allows users to add items to their purchase with one click.

There are tools for currency management that allow you to instantly localize based on shopper regions, or let users select their preferred language and currency, with conversions in real-time and no added fees.  Remove all impediments to finalizing purchases with the Bold multi-currency tool.

Finally, with so many businesses starting online subscription services, you’re going to need tools that support this functionality seamlessly.  Bold Subscriptions Pro is the solution for building and scaling your custom subscription setup, including a convenient customer portal just for subscribers.  Driving recurring revenue conversions is easy with Bold’s comprehensive suite of subscription tools.

What Makes Bold Your Best Solution?

With subscription-based businesses enjoying growing popularity, you need robust and reliable solutions that help you take advantage of this source of recurring revenue and long-term customer relationships.  What puts Bold ahead of competitors like Rebillia and MINIBC?

While Rebillia sends remarketing emails to customers with purchase-based recommendations, Bold Upsell allows you to remind customers of items they may want to purchase immediately following checkout, with easy one-click function to add items to their purchase.  Bold and MINIBC both offer one-page ordering, but with Bold, you can also select a multi-page option, giving you more choices to customize.

In addition, Bold checkout solutions entail only a 0.5% transaction fee, multi-currency conversions are free, and you’ll enjoy custom pricing opportunities for subscriptions.  Bold makes it easy to customize, optimize, and minimize roadblocks to purchases and subscription services.

Learn More

Whether you’re looking to add convenience to your checkout experience for customers, you’re -interested in scaling up subscription services, or both, Bold has the tools to create the convenient user experience your customers expect.  To learn more and add Bold to your BigCommerce site, contact the creative and experienced team at DigitlHaus at 850-687-1876 or online today.

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