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The Fastest Checkout on the Planet

Oct 19, 2020

Online shopping delivers incredible convenience for customers by allowing them to browse and purchase from the comfort of their home, and have products delivered right to their door.  As an online retailer, you’ll want to streamline this process as much as possible to ensure the greatest ease of use for customers, thereby increasing conversion, reducing cart abandonment, and boosting sales.

With so much competition in the online arena, a competitive edge at checkout will help minimize frustration and subsequent bounce rates, encourage impulse buys, and nab business that might otherwise go to competitors.

To that end, we’ve proudly partnered with Fast Checkout, a strategic partner to the BigCommerce platform that allows you to better serve the needs of your customers, and by extension, your company. 

What is Fast Checkout?

As you may have guessed from the name, Fast provides a quick, easy, and secure way for consumers to complete the purchasing process in one click.  No matter the platform, browser, or device consumers use to shop, they only have to enter their password and purchase information once on a given device.

Fast will then securely store the data so future transactions require only a single click to complete the order.  Users will no longer be prompted to enter a password before completing a purchase, nor will they have to go through the tedium of re-entering other account or payment information.

Since the advent of online shopping nearly 30 years ago, the checkout process has not seen significant advancement.  With Fast, your business has the opportunity to deliver the one-click ordering solution that truly adds speed and convenience for your customers, and improves your sales in the process.

Our Partnership with Fast

As your full service, digital e-commerce agency, DigitlHaus is always looking for new ways to help your business thrive by creating experiences people love.  We only partner with platforms that have the potential to help you streamline operations and create a better customer experience, and Fast delivers in spades.

Not only will you gain the benefit of offering fast and efficient checkout opportunities for consumers who support your brand, but you’ll benefit from technical support directly from the developer.  DigitlHaus builds brands for the future, and our partnership with Fast will help move your company forward.

The Fast Difference for BigCommerce Clients

Adding Fast to your BigCommerce website is easy with DigitlHaus on your side.  We can integrate the software with your site in minutes so you can deliver a superior shopping experience for customers.

All consumers need to do is enter the expected information one-time, including payment method and shipping address, and Fast will store it securely for the purposes of convenient, one-click purchasing on all future transactions from the same device.  When users don’t have to enter passwords and other information at check out, you can increase conversions and sales while simultaneously improving their experience.

Benefits of Choosing Fast

The benefits of choosing Fast for your BigCommerce website are incredible.  For starters, you’ll remove one of the most common consumer pain points with one-click ordering capabilities, backed by secure data storage that customers can trust.  Best-in-class safety and security technology protects privacy and combats fraud for the benefit of your business and your customers.

DigitlHaus can install Fast Checkout in minutes so your customers can check out in seconds, and you’ll enjoy simple, competitive pricing of 2.9% plus $0.30 per transaction (with an additional 1% for international cards). With Fast, you have the best opportunity to streamline the checkout process for customer convenience and maximize conversions, sales, and revenue as a result.

The DigitlHaus Guarantee

Finding the right software solutions for your business is no easy feat, with so many options to sift through.  This is where DigitlHaus can help.  We do the heavy lifting for you, testing and vetting new platforms and partnering with only the best.  With a truly innovative solution for secure, one-click purchases, Fast delivers the convenience modern consumers expect, and we can install it on your BigCommerce website in minutes and offer ongoing technical support directly from the developer should any questions arise. Contact us today and let’s get Fast installed on your BigCommerce store!

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