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A New Way to Capture Customers

Nov 21, 2019

Abandoned carts, unsubscribed email listings, increased bounce rates. Just the mention of these three things are bound to make any merchant cringe. But also, maybe these are signals of a downward trend for your store and you aren’t doing enough to grab ahold of the consumer’s attention.

If the mere mention of abandoned carts and bounce rates are making you think about changing things up, let us help motivate you to do something about it. Because the fact of the matter is, if you’re a Commerce business owner, there are always things you can do to improve your store and increase conversions. 

We’re now shifting the spotlight to the importance of email listing and cart abandonment! Why? In order to reduce the number of customers that will ultimately bounce after visiting your store, there needs to be an emphasis on the steps you can take to avoid this type of situation. 

Let’s say that Jane Doe is a first time customer and wants to buy a product from your store. She’s already added one item to her cart, but she’s hesitant to actually go through with the sale. 

If your store is not equipped with applications aimed at preventing Jane from abandoning her cart, she’s more than likely to ditch and not come back. However, if she was to see a pop-up that tells her she gets free shipping or a percentage off her first purchase, this might motivate her to go through with the sale and maybe even buy more. 

You can see now why an email reminder or perhaps simple pop-up could help you reduce the number of customers that leave your web store without making a purchase.

We at DigitlHaus understand the importance of making the sale. That’s why we’re recommending our clients and any other merchants to take a look at Privy. This application and it’s many features will do nothing but improve your store’s conversion rate and save your shopping carts from being abandoned forever. 

Privy’s main focus lies in the two areas we’ve already discussed: growing your email list and reducing the number of customers that will abandon their carts. How do they do this service for you? Well, in order to drive sales, they offer unique approaches to on-site displays and email marketing. Here’s some of their main features: 


With zero coding required, you don’t even need to hire a designer in order to create your own pop-ups and fly-outs. You can choose from a previously designed template or customize one to your own specifications. By being able to easily manage various elements, you’ll create displays that are unique to your store and brand—and more importantly to your customer base. 


So, in order to drive sales, you need displays that not only capture the attention of the consumer, but are actually effective in helping raise conversions for you. Here are some of the display types you can choose from with Privy: 

  • Pop-ups: Add a special discount or other campaign to get email addresses and help make the sale a reality. 
  • Bars: A bar at the top or bottom of your page can be a subtle way to remind your customers about specific promotions and other things you may have to offer. 
  • Spin to Win: By email submission, your consumers can get the chance to win different prizes like coupon codes. This can help spark the interest of bored customers. 
  • Flyouts: Instead of demanding the attention of the consumer to the center of the page, like a popup, flyouts gently shift their focus to the bottom of the screen—allowing them to continue browsing your store.
  • Banners: Like a bar, banners will stay at the top or bottom of the page, but can start out hidden and include movement to attract the eye of your customers.  
  • Embedded Forms: Place an email sign-up form on a footer or sidebar as a reminder that signing up with your store has perks.
  • Landing Pages: A campaign that directs contacts through a link. This way, specific campaigns can be shared all over Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • Tabs: Smaller than a flyout, this will make it easy for your customers to click once they decide they want to sign up.
  • Thank You Page: After your customers sign up, a thank you page can reward them with coupon codes and other special offers.


Choosing the display type that works the best is very important. That’s why automated tests are a vital part of Privy’s services. The hard work is done on their end, so all you have to do is choose the display type, message, trigger or visual that will help you drive sales upward. 


With Privy, you can create coupon codes and discounts that will instantly sync with and publish to your BigCommerce store. Also, you’ll be able to analyze signup and conversion data and therefore make changes based on that data. 


Emails are essential follow-up business that will help you boost conversions. Privy allows you to easily auto-send emails regarding abandoned carts, newsletters, announcements, and even welcome emails for new customers.


Growing your email lists and reducing cart abandonment rates is easy because Privy integrates flawlessly into your BigCommerce store. You can connect Privy with your existing email service provider to take advantage of things like web audience targeting, intelligent offer creation, and incentive tracking within BigCommerce.

As for the pricing of Privy, they have free plan if you have under 5,000 page views per month. They also offer email marketing services for as low as $10 a month for businesses that have up to 1,000 mailable contacts (an extra $5 for every additional 1,000). 

They also are currently rolling out a new system, Privy Growth plan (currently only attainable if you talk directly to Privy team). So, on June 24, 2019, the monthly fee will be based on average number of page views on your site per month. The image below details the fees—after a million views, however, you’ll need directly consult with Privy.  

We at DigitlHaus are proud partners with Privy because the work they do to help merchants raise their conversion rates is downright amazing. We can help consult, setup, and integrate this application in your store if you’re already a client with us. Please don’t hesitate to contact us about Privy and how they can help you reduce your abandoned carts and grow your email list.

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