Cartstack Partners

Recover More Abandoned Carts with Conversion Focused Emails

DigitlHaus partners with CartStack an abandoned cart tool that integrates with BigCommerceVolusionShopifyMagento and WordPress.

Most users who shop online have 3-4 stores open at once shopping for the best prices, and often multitasking. Even then they will add products to their cart and all of a sudden get called off by a phone call, a child playing in the other room or a time sensitive meeting which interrupts a bit of online shopping at work.

The customers were interested, but now they have closed the browser and have continued what they were doing. Sales are lost, customer is pre-occupied with something else, and now its another customers turn.

Why not be ahead of competition and use CartStack? Once the shopping cart is abandoned the customer will get a reminder email sent to them reminding them stating that they still have products in their cart and at times offering a discount for an inspired purchase.

CartStack users typically recover between 15% and 20% of all abandoned cart revenue.

Interested in CartStack? Click here for a demo.