Made4Fighters is an online retailer for combat sports clothing, accessories, and equipment based in the United Kingdom. 

Founded in 2007, Made4Fighters was a top seller of MMA and boxing equipment in the U.K. They sold products from popular brands as well as their own. More recently, as the market grew competitive, Made4Fighters expanded their product line to cover all types of fitness training and martial arts nationwide.

Made4Fighters needed an online presence that highlighted their passion for the sport, while ensuring customers are connected to the experience. They needed a way to showcase their high-quality product line better than their competitors.




Before partnering with DigitlHaus, Made4Fighters was on an older version of BigCommerce called Blueprint. They had purchased and installed a BigCommerce theme from the marketplace that had poor UX and layouts. The theme limited the options they had to present their catalog to their customers. Beyond the limitations, the store’s aesthetic was also outdated, and the visual experience did not stack up to the industry standards.

Made4Fighters required the ability to manage the content on their pages easily, without coding knowledge. This would ensure they could update sales and promotions in a timely, go-to-market manner.

As Made4Fighters was using an outdated version of BigCommerce, site speed was also an issue. They were using too many unnecessary plugins, which dragged down their page load time. The theme they had purchased was not designed with speed in mind.

With the new build, Made4Fighters wanted to use the following native BigCommerce features:

  • Faceted Search
  • Mega-Menu Ability
  • Product Widgets

In addition to the features, Made4Fighters also requested:

  • A product rating system based on customers’ knowledge level.
  • A real-time toggle option to accommodate multiple currencies.
  • A support page for troubleshooting.


  • Customer Experience Strategy
  • Creative Direction
  • Responsive UX Design
  • Custom Development
  • Compliance
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Speed Optimization
  • Ongoing Success




The team at DigitlHaus was able to solve all of Made4Fighters’s website issues and deliver a competitive shopping experience that set standards.

We completely redesigned the user experience by using the company’s extensive and detailed product and lifestyle imagery throughout the site to bring life and resemblance of the sport to the shopper.

To provide customers with more detailed information, we developed a gear tier system. This rating system appears on all product listings. It gives ratings from “Beginner” to “Advanced,” which helps customers determine if the product is suited to their level and experience in the sport.

In terms of aesthetics, we chose bold and dominant fonts and colors. Designs with black and white contrasts convey dominance, power, and strength. A robust appearance is essential to help the company compete in their industry.

Our team developed a BigCommerce theme on the stencil framework using page builder components. This allowed the company to manage their content easily for quick go-to-market promotions. No longer do the Made4Fighters team members need to update code to make simple changes.

We also performed a tech stack audit to pare down the unnecessary apps that their site was running. Ultimately, we consolidated the site’s features to three applications from a total of seven. We also optimized the code and content to boost the load time.

With the new design we ensured that the following native BigCommerce capabilities were built into the theme:

  • A large mega-menu.
  • A unique faceted search layout.
  • A add to wishlist feature.

Our team used native BigCommerce currencies to custom develop a global currency selector. This provided accommodation to pay by different currencies and for the ability to sell internationally.

Lastly, the DigitlHaus team developed a support portal that included:

  • Product Stock Information
  • FAQs
  • Contact Information
  • Shipping Information
  • Technical Issue Resolutions

This gave their customers a one-page help guide to limit the number of emails and calls Made4Fighters received during business hours.



  • BigCommerce Enterprise
  • Reviews UK
  • Beeketing
  • Smile.io
  • Live Chat
  • JustUno
  • Shipper HQ




After partnering with DigitlHaus, Made4Fighters now has a completely rebranded and conversion focused shopping experience. They're a leading competitor in the UK market and making their way internationally.

The team at Made4Fighters can now manage their online store easier and faster. BigCommerce page builder allows them to add new products and change content easier than ever.

DigitlHaus was able to increase the company’s SEO ranking and value. We optimized several SEO components and site speed and consolidated a tech stack that all improved performance.

DigitlHaus and Made4Fighters work together on an as-needed basis to help optimize and maintain the improved shopping experience.

  • Time on Site

  • AOV

  • Retention

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