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Custom Developing a Shopify Theme

May 9, 2022

The time has come to modernize your company’s website. You’ve chosen Shopify as your new platform. Between its fair pricing models and an excellent suite of features that provide a host of customizability, you’re confident you’ve made the right choice. 

But you aren’t sure where to start or what to expect for your online storefront. DigitlHaus is here to help. We provide custom solutions for each and every client to make their new online storefront the very best it can be. Here’s what we do. 

Shopify Design 

“Design” covers two equally important parts of site planning: appearance and function. In order to make an excellent website that fits customers’ expectations, both parts should receive the same attention and care. We make it easy to do both. 

Aesthetic Design 

Design trends change fast. Shopify makes it easy to take on a modern appearance that retains and communicates your brand and values to your target audience. 

Shopify makes it easy to plan an online storefront that fits just right through careful choices in:

  • Font choice
  • Colors 
  • Layouts 
  • Tone 
  • Information density 
  • Provided links 
  • Level of interactivity 

Your new site will attract new customers and feel fresh yet familiar to your loyal, tenured customers. What isn’t to love? 

Off-Site Design 

Copy and branding outside the site have the greatest effect when they match your new site. Inconsistent branding confuses customers moving between applications and leads to dissonance. 

We make it easy to get your ad designs, logo branding, and email templates up to speed with your new site aesthetic. We’ll make the transfer process a smooth, seamless, and holistic one. 

Functional Design 

Function needs to match form. A website that looks good but loads slowly will signal mismatched priorities to customers and increase bounce rates. 

Shopify’s top-tier system helps design interactive, responsive elements, and our heat mapping helps locate user experience bottlenecks and widens them with consistent, long-term support. 

Taking advantage of these unique tools helps make your customers’ experience in your storefront the best that it can be. 

Development Advantages 

When you work with DigitlHaus to design a custom website, we adopt a headless development model. This allows your front-end designers to work and build without the constraints of back-end code and vice versa. 

Shopify and DigitlHaus also make it easy to integrate your CRM software into your site. The automated data entry cuts down menial labor and consolidates all of your data in one place, so you can draw inferences faster and spend more time making decisions. 

Platform Migration 

Once you know how your site and copy should look and have the design programmed, the time has come to migrate your data from the old site to the new. 

A partnership with DigitlHaus makes this easy by handling a number of moving parts, including: 

  • Data 
  • Catalogs 
  • Reviews 
  • Blogs 
  • Customer and order information 

We make an otherwise-painful part of the process simple thanks to our familiarity with Shopify and its versatile feature set. 

SEO and Marketing Research 

Even with your site creation on Shopify finished, we aren’t satisfied. Instead, we help prepare your site for the future. 

DigitlHaus covers both research and implementation of new SEO options as the field continues to grow. Search engines are overtaking redirect ads in lead-driving connections, and we know all too well the importance of customer connection. 

We help you create technical and content copy to drive users to your new site to be impressed by your Shopify creation. Data-driven analysis of proper keywords and phrases guarantees return on investment. When combined with ad management on social media, growth comes from outside the site as much as it does from within. 

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