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Top Apparel Sites on Shopify

Oct 30, 2017

Shopify is a popular eCommerce platform among for clothing stores. Its App Store offers many add-ons that cater to the fashion business needs, as well as stunning theme designs that can create an aesthetically appealing website. That’s why Shopify remains a favorite choice among apparel retailers.

We’re going to showcase 5 top apparel stores on Shopify so you can get inspired.


Norwegian Rain

Norwegian Rain is a hi-tech fashion brand based in Bergen, Norway. Inspired by Japanese sensibility, the brand designs functional, high-performance outerwear without compromising aesthetics.

We love the engaging photography content on the website. It has a great storytelling aspect and genuinely reflects the brand image. In the product pages, you can select color and fabric with close-up images that show you the detailed texture.  Overall, it’s a very well-designed website that has created an out-of-the-norm user experience with Shopify.


Taylor Stitch

Taylor Stitch is an American fashion retailer based in San Francisco. Their modern designs focus on versatility, fit, and construction.

Again, the website has exceptional photography content that goes well with the brand. The landing page catches your attention immediately with a widespread image and a very clean copy. There’s nothing complicated about the navigation menu, which makes it easy for shoppers to find what they want.

The brand also does something very interesting on its webpage – crowdfunding for its upcoming designs. You can pre-order an item at a discount price and contribute to the total funding for each “project”. It shows you how the product looks on a model and how much percentage the funding has reached. We think this is one of the most creative Shopify stores out there.


Mansur Gavriel

A celebrity favorite for designer handbags and shoes.

The New York-based fashion brand’s website features a minimal yet visually appealing landing page, with only four links available – shop bags, shop shoes, NYC shop, and Instagram. Easy enough? The website also has a tiny top bar that elegantly reminds you about the free shipping policy. Everything about the website is irresistible.



You would have seen a Thinx subway ad if you live in New York City. Thinx is known for making “period-proof” underwear as a substitute for traditional tampons and sanitary pads.

The revolutionary underwear maker has a clean and minimal website, featuring a lot of white space. When you click its menu, it shows you cute illustrations of the different underwear categories. Under each illustration, it also tells what it’s suitable for. For example, a hiphugger is good for “heavy days”. When you go to the product page, the product description is straightforward – “Heavy days. Holds up to 2 tampons’ worth.” The no-fuss website copy and minimal design reflect the brand’s mission, which is to free women from the hassles of their monthly menstruation.



Another New York-based fashion brand that’s killing it. KITH is a streetwear brand for both men and women, with a curated selection of footwear for sneaker fans.

KITH has several futuristic brick-and-mortar stores in New York City and Miami. The website’s branding is coherent with the physical stores: fashion-forward, bold, and progressive. The landing page features color-coordinated products that are visually appealing. When you scroll down, you can see a grid of featured product images. A little further down, you can find more enticing product images that are generated from the brand’s Instagram and blog articles. We love KITH’s subtle way of incorporating their social media content into their website.

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