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BigCommerce Design Awards: DigitlHaus + Decibullz

Jun 18, 2018

The results are in. DigitlHaus Agency scored big this year with our new website design for Decibullz, an innovative brand with earpieces designed for hearing protection. It was ranked as the #3 Best New eCommerce Website Design of 2018 by BigCommerce!

We’re extremely honored for the feature – and we’re ecstatic to share with you the secrets behind our design.

BigCommerce’s Criteria for Best eCommerce Websites

Ask yourself this: what makes a customer buy from your website instead of Amazon?

BigCommerce cited Amazon as both a benchmark and an antithesis for eCommerce retailers. Amazon is an industry killer that excels not only at convenience and price, also customer service and seamless shopping experience. But many shoppers go for branded websites over Amazon, why? They like the personal touch of smaller retailers. They want a sense of community and know that you’re knowledgeable about your products. In other words, shoppers want something that goes beyond the “faceless” Amazon experience.

How did we achieve that with Decibullz? Let’s dive into the making of the brand’s BigCommerce website.  

What’s the Story of Decibullz?  

Decibullz introduced the world’s first re-moldable custom earpieces that can shape to the exact fit of your ears. A perfect custom fit ensures the 

highest level of noise reduction, protecting your hearing in loud environments. Decibullz’s thermoplastic earpieces not only provide maximum noise reduction, also maximum comfort. You can finally enjoy an award-winning audio quality without having to compete against deafening noises in your surroundings.

The brand originally operated its online retail with WordPress. However, WordPress wasn’t an optimal platform for a fast-growing retail business. Like its multifaceted products, Decibullz valued both aesthetics and functional design. In addition to driving website conversion, the brand also prioritized an effective display of product information. Understanding Decibullz’s goals, our team at DigitlHaus Agency transformed its website with a fully custom BigCommerce theme.

Here are what we’ve accomplished for Decibullz:

Migrating from WordPress to BigCommerce

WordPress offered a lightweight content management system (CMS) that’s suitable for a blog or a simple website. However, Decibullz needed a powerful eCommerce platform that allowed for high-volume growth. We performed a seamless data migration from WordPress to BigCommerce, preserving Decibullz’s product data, order and customer data as well as its reviews and product listings.

Interactive Branding

The fastest way to consume information is through graphic imagery, what we see is what we consume. We designed simple icons that broke down Decibullz’s thermo-fit technology into bitesize information. Upon entering Decibullz’s landing page, web visitors can immediately learn about what the brand has to offer via a combination of custom icons, product photography, and videos.

Our team rebranded Decibullz’s visual experience after researching on its industry competitors. We wanted to put Decibullz on a level playing field with the more established retailers by crafting a best-in-class website that delivers an impactful brand voice.

Mega Menu

A mega menu displayed on hover can quickly showcase the products to customers without making them click on anything. Decibullz wanted customers to have an easy access to its products rather than going through multiple category pages. Based on the request, our team custom designed an interactive mega menu that can show product images and categories on hover. Our menu helps customers to visualize Decibullz’s products at a glance and provides an easy navigation.

Website Speed & Performance

High quality images and videos were essential to Decibullz’s branding. With the new website design and the BigCommerce platform, we were able to pack in more visual information while improving website speed. We reduced Decibullz’s average page load time by 21%, improving the overall user experience.   

A 35% Boost in Conversion Rate

Our new website design for Decibullz resulted in a 35% increase in sales within the first three months of launch, along with a 6% increase in conversion rate. With the new website, Decibullz also decreased its bounce rates by 10% on desktop and 30% on mobile.

The immediate increase in Decibullz’s conversion rate proved that an effective branded eCommerce experience is fundamental to eCommerce success.

Is Your eCommerce Business Ready to Convert?

Do you want to replicate Decibullz’s award-winning website success? Talk to our experts at DigitlHaus about how you can improve your eCommerce website and increase your conversion rate.

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