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BigCommerce for WordPress: Yet another read…

Mar 6, 2019

If you haven’t been sleeping under a rock, you might have heard the latest news… BigCommerce now has a useful new plug-in for WordPress! Gone are the days of extra hassle and struggle when it comes to managing those pain-in-the-neck backend eCommerce processes—which are essentially a huge waste of time if you’re a serious business owner.

WordPress powers 30% of all global websites, making it a staple in the lives of countless merchants and businesses. Easy customization and personalization are two of the key factors that make WordPress the most popular content management system in the world. Thankfully, BigCommerce for WordPress extends on that convenience. You don’t have to abandon your already perfect branding while upgrading to better eCommerce systems and infrastructure.

Here at DigitlHaus, we want to gently push (if not shove) you in the direction of BigCommerce for WordPress if you’re already apart of their clientele. Not only is BigCommerce for WordPress ideal for your store, but we think it’s the best eCommerce solution in the industry. Here is our list of the great benefits and features BigCommerce checkout will give your WordPress store. Read ‘em and weep—or just consider getting the plug-in. Whatever floats your boat.

1.  Headless Commerce and Commerce-as-a-Service: The Right Way to Do it

What is headless commerce? Well, to put it plainly, something that BigCommerce offers you and something that will definitely improve your store from the inside-out. Essentially, you get all of the benefits of improved functionality and control of your store by separating user interface from backend processes and systems. Through headless commerce, you can exercise a full advantage with more control over your store and better integration.

As for commerce-as-a-service, BigCommerce knows that you shouldn’t have to worry about eCommerce functionality—especially when you’ve already got a good thing going with your store on WordPress. Even if you’re an established brand, commerce-as-a-service is a feature of the plug-in that allows your store to stay consistent when you choose to add BigCommerce to the mix. This way, you (and your customers) will be pleased that your branding hasn’t changed a bit. It’s like blending strawberries with bananas for an ideal smoothie… they go together perfectly.

2.  Frees Up Server Resources

Are you sick of worrying about your store running fast and efficiently for your customers? Are you tired of constantly thinking about backed up servers that can drastically affect your conversion rate? Well, you should be. Especially upon learning that BigCommerce for WordPress can help with that. By placing things like PCI compliance, catalog management, and managing fulfillment logistics with BigCommerce checkout on WordPress, you would be allowing your store’s website to run faster and more smoothly for your customers.

3. Not a Coder? No Problem. Unrestrained Customization

Let’s face it—not all of us are experienced coders. One of the handiest features of the BigCommerce plug-in for WordPress is that you don’t even have to be remotely fluent in JavaScript or iFrames in order to customize your storefront. You’ll get full access to your catalog data, so there’s no need to give up any aspect of design for your website; just go right into WordPress and do what you gotta do.

Oh, and there’s also unrestricted access to key plug-in files for WordPress themes that are more complex than your average Joe. BigCommerce takes care of overriding template files so you can easily customize your designs without the fear that plug-in updates will destroy everything that you’ve already built for your website up to this point—because that would be annoying and you don’t need that in your life.

4. One Control Panel for Multiple Sites

If you’re handling more than one store, you’re in luck. If you decide you need to integrate more than one of your WordPress websites with BigCommerce, you can enjoy the convenience and ease of managing them all from one control panel. This means that your catalog, orders, and shipping can all be directed by you from one place. Just like you wouldn’t say no to optimizing your conversion rates, you shouldn’t say no to optimizing your admin experience with multiple sites. That would be just foolish.

5.  All These Benefits from One Great Plug-in

We think that these benefits speak for themselves, so go ahead and take a look for yourself!

  • Payment Gateways: Over 65 payment gateways with even more payment methods that allow your customers to pay how they want and for you to increase conversions. A win-win that makes everybody happy.
  • Optimal Customer Support: 24/7 telephone, email, and live-chat for friendly and helpful customer support for all BigCommerce customers.
  • Credit Card Rates: Through Braintree you get competitive card rates with PayPal and can enable Apple Pay and Visa Checkout. Along with the lowest pre-negotiated credit card processing rates for Saas eCommerce, you can’t beat it!
  • Safe User Accounts: BigCommerce gives your customers increased security from login to checkout. All payments are handled safely and with care.
  • Scalability: Complex catalog? Bring it on. BigCommerce offers the most scalable SaaS ecommerce engine so you can handle up to 600 SKUs per product and 250 options.

6. Convenient Pricing

The best part about the pricing of BigCommerce for WordPress is that you can choose the option that is best suited for your store at a monthly rate. The standard package, plus package and pro bundle are very affordable and competitive. If you’re at enterprise-level and need something bigger and better, you’ll need to get into contact with BigCommerce for competitive rate. When there’s options, obviously weigh them accordingly.

While we can’t tell you what to do, we can (strongly) urge you to do what is right for your eCommerce store on WordPress and consider the BigCommerce plug-in. We at DigitlHaus know you deserve all of these first-rate benefits and features. They will put your store at an extreme advantage in the market, all the while making your life easier as a business owner and that much more enjoyable.

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