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Branding Your Emails With BigCommerce

Oct 2, 2018

Think about your favorite online stores for a moment.

When you make a purchase, what does their order confirmation email look like? Clean, professional, trustworthy? The best online stores provide a consistent, pleasant, rememberable experience, not only for the moment you land on their homepage but through through all elements of the site. They pay attention to small details so their customers get a full branded professional experience throughout the product buying process.

Invoice and order status update may not seem like an obvious place to drive sales, but these notification emails can add a personal touch to your overall shopping experience. If your website features impeccably branding and sells great products, why should you let an automated notification email ruin your brand?

On BigCommerce, you can step up your online brand with customizable email templates. The platform’s native email template gets the job done, but it’s not the best solution. You take the boring emails one step further to include visual elements that are consistent with your branding. They can make a lasting impression on your customers or even encourage them to follow you on social media and come back for more purchases.

What Can DigitlHaus Do To Improve Your Email Templates?

Our design team at DigitlHaus will first discuss your goals and review the branding elements of your website. We’ll then customize a design that’s coherent to your brand. A well-designed email template can include some of the following elements:

    • Business logo
    • Custom font
    • Custom header and footer
    • A branded color palette
    • Social media links
    • Dynamic content
    • Call to actions
    • Remove “Powered by BigCommerce” wording

We can essentially update any content in your email template to follow a brand/style guide. Ultimately, our goal is to add a personal touch to your customer emails. Since online shopping is a faceless transaction, it’s harder to connect with your customers. Email is the one place you can step beyond the transaction, reinforce your brand identity, and show that you value your customers.

Are you still using outdated email templates? It’s time to make a change.

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