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Customized Checkout on BigCommerce

Sep 25, 2018

Fully customize your online store’s checkout page with BigCommerce!

The platform’s Optimized One-Page Checkout provided a fuss-free checkout process. BigCommerce focused on creating a minimal, responsive checkout and order confirmation page that would allow customers to complete their purchase without distraction. For the most part, BigCommerce’s native checkout process was already intuitive and conversion-oriented. With the release of the new BigCommerce Checkout SDK, however, we now have far more control over the checkout page customization. We can design a fully custom checkout experience for our clients.

What Can We Do with Custom Checkout?

  • Streamline Checkout Procedure: Over 25% of online customers abandon their shopping cart at checkout due to a “too long / complicated checkout process”. By minimizing clicks and required fields, we can eliminate the frustration of a lengthy checkout.
  • Customer Profiles: We can build customer profiles for your returning customers. When they come back to your online store, they can see their order history. Better yet, we can enable one-click checkout for these returning customers.
  • Custom Branding: Checkout is the last page where you can leave a lasting impression on the customers. We can design a checkout page with your branding guidelines and include cross-sell opportunities if desired.
  • B2B Payment Options: If your business has both retail and wholesale fronts, we can customize a checkout page dedicated to your wholesale clients. Features like custom quote generation and invoicing will be available with the new Checkout SDK.
  • Mobile Optimization: Mobile eCommerce is a vital part of any online business now. Apple Pay? Simplified mobile checkout? We got it.   

Is Custom Checkout Worth Your Investment?

1 out of 4 shoppers have abandoned a shopping cart due to a poor checkout experience. That’s something we can fix easily by reducing the number of form fields and speeding up the checkout process. BigCommerce retailers that have already adopted a custom checkout solution have seen at least a 10% revenue lift.

As an eCommerce owner, you can take control over your checkout conversion. Request a demo with us today, and see how a custom checkout page can benefit your business.

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