DigitlHaus wins 2019 Yotpo’s Best BigCommerce Agency

We couldn’t be more excited to announce that DigitlHaus has been awarded best BigCommerce Agency for the 2019 Yotpo partner awards!

BUT we couldn’t have done it without our Client, Hourglass Angel. Here’s why…

Hourglass Angel’s outdated user experience and complex digital marketing efforts prompted them to seek our agency’s help and expertise. We moved them from Magento to BigCommerce, while doing so, we designed and developed a customized BigCommerce store that reduced cost of ownership by 20%, boosted site speed by 30%, and simplified the shopping journey for customers, resulting in a 204% lift in average time on site. If these results are not enough, just wait..

In the waist training industry, reviews are critical, as they are the first thing a potential buyer will look for when comparing their options. Using Yotpo’s diverse set of solutions, we optimized review collection, ensuring they were displayed throughout key moments in the shopping journey as well as in Google ads, with jaw-dropping results. Hourglass Angel saw a 598% lift in conversion rate when visitors entered the site from ads containing UGC powered by Yotpo. These are huge numbers!

Utilizing Yotpo’s solutions, we were able to change the game for Hourglass Angel with a lower cost of ownership and a high converting customer experience. 

Our strong relationship with Yotpo allows us to tag team client success. With Yotpo’s eCommerce marketing platform offering and our expertise in strategy and implementation, the two offer complementary services that work in tandem to provide the best service and ensure client success.

“Yotpo is by far one of our favorite tech partners. Aside from being the leaders in reviews, they are always updating their technology and introducing new products that work together to further improve our clients’ success.”

Tara Verkerke, President of Sales

Read full story here: https://bit.ly/3dsKFmE