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Instagram Checkout: What You Need to Know

Apr 1, 2019

Instagram has just rolled out a new checkout feature for the ease and convenience of consumers—as well as merchants. Consumers can now: browse through a seller’s feed, click on their desired product, and buy it through the app.

We really think this feature holds the potential to enhance user experiences and overall checkout satisfaction in the near future. Here is what you can expect from Instagram checkout…

Sell on Instagram For a Fee

Once the test trials for Instagram checkout roll out in the coming months (they are currently in closed beta for select businesses) you can expect Instagram to let you sell products through their app for a select fee. The exact fee is unknown right now, but they were specific in detailing that it would not increase the price for consumers.

This means that in exchange for the higher conversion rates that Instagram checkout will provide, they will charge a fee to merchants. Ultimately, this could lead to higher customer satisfaction, as they will not have to pay a convenience fee for shopping directly in the app.

User Convenience

The scenario goes a little something like this—the consumer is browsing through Instagram and sees a product they like for sale in the app (in a post or story). Instead of having to go to the seller’s profile and click on the link to the website, customers can now click on the post to see an item tagged in the picture and buy it directly on Instagram.

This takes away the hassle of entering in payment information to multiple different websites. Once they enter their payment information once, it is saved for future purchases. Also, users will benefit from the added convenience of being able to view their order shipping status, tracking number, and estimated delivery date.

Extra Features

We know that certain products often have different variations based on user selection. If a certain product requires options such as size or color, users will be able to deal with this directly within the app before they purchase.

Also, Instagram checkout will provide important notifications, such as when a product is delivered directly to the consumer’s doorstep. Pretty neat, huh?

But what if a consumer needs to cancel an order, request a refund, or contact you directly? Not to worry. They will be able to do that all within the app as well. This feature of Instagram checkout enhances the consumer’s experiences with your products. Meaning, they don’t have to worry about extra clicks in order to receive the best customer service.

What Can I Do Now?

As we stated above, only a select number of merchants are chosen for Instagram checkout beta right now. Qualified merchants right now are selected partner brands such as Adidas, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Burberry, H&M, Kylie Cosmetics, Revolve, Prada, and Zara. They get to reap the benefits first. However, if this feature holds, the gold will be for the taking for many more brands.

The best you can do right now as a merchant is keep yourself updated as Instagram checkout flourishes and rolls out to other brands. Make sure to update your Instagram frequently, adding products that are sure to inspire users on a daily basis. Also, remember to engage with your social media community.

In short—these are your target consumers. The people you need to connect with. Not everyone has the time to take out of their day to visit your website. They might see a product you offer on someone’s Instagram story, a celebrity’s feed, or while they’re exploring posts. This is the way to raise conversions. So build it up now before you have the chance to explore this cool new feature!

Instagram checkout could potentially help your business out and raise conversions. Right now, focus on building brand awareness through their platform. If you have a product worth selling—chances are you might be able to sell it to willing customers on Instagram (directly within the app) in the near future.

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