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Must Have BigCommerce Apps

Oct 30, 2017

You’ve built the layout of your online store with BigCommerce, but the work doesn’t stop there. BigCommerce prides itself in being one of the most comprehensive e-commerce platforms, providing hundreds of apps and integrations on its App Store. BigCommerce development is incomplete without third-party apps that streamline the online retail experience for you and your customers. But with so many options available, how do you know which app is essential to the success of your online store?

Our web development team at DigitlHaus has put together a list of 5 useful BigCommerce apps that will best enhance your online store’s functionality and help run your business efficiently.


Building and maintain an email list is essential to every online business. MailChimp is the world’s largest email marketing service provider and it’s a must-have BigCommerce plugin for your e-commerce business. You can have your first 2,000 subscribers for free and upgrade the service later if you need. The plugin also provides campaign reports that measure the effectiveness of your marketing emails and messages. With MailChimp, you can easily build a fan base and promote your business by automating email marketing.

QuickBooks Online

Who likes to do bookkeeping? If you’ve chosen to start your e-commerce business, you’re probably more interested in growing the business than being the accountant. BigCommerce’s QuickBooks Online integration can make your life easier. The app can automatically sync your online orders, products, discounts, refunds, and shipping charges from your BigCommerce store to QuickBooks Online.


Vantage is better than Google Analytics. The platform specifically targets the e-commerce retailers and helps them turn data into actionable strategies. Vantage can examine your BigCommerce store’s data and generate data-driven advertising campaigns for Facebook, Instagram, and emails. With over 100 key metrics, the app can even project your business revenue based on the collected data.


A beautiful email receipt is an opportunity for up selling and it can keep your customers coming back. Conversio, formerly Receiptful, allows you to design and tailor your receipts for different types of clients. The app claims its customized receipts have helped businesses increase sales by 5%. If you pay for Conversio’s premium plan, you can enjoy additional features like recovering abandoned carts and creating product recommendations on your BigCommerce website.

Live Chat Support by Social Intents

Great customer service is vital to sustaining your business in the long run. Many online customers expect an online business to be responsive to their needs and concerns. Live Chat Support by Social Intents allows you to acknowledge your customers’ questions in real-time chat, hence increases your potential sales. You can receive messages via email, mobile, or desktop. If you use Slack, you can even choose to integrate the chat into Slack so you can answer chats all in one place.

What About You?

We hope you find these 5 BigCommerce apps helpful in developing your online store. Do you also recommend any great BigCommerce apps?

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