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Native BigCommerce Features

Jun 30, 2017

If you’re using BigCommerce to run your eCommerce store are you capitalizing on what the platform has to offer? BigCommerce provides many nature features that help merchants grow their revenue at nearly double the industry average. Enjuku Racing, a car parts dealer, recovered more than $425,000 in sales from using BigCommerce’s built-in abandoned cart saver.

Are you also taking advantage of the native BigCommerce features for your eCommerce business? BigCommerce’s built-in conversion optimization tools include over a dozen features that help online businesses turn shoppers into buyers.

Abandoned Cart Saver 

65% of shoppers abandon their shopping cart before they reach the final checkout page. The abandoned cart saver sends reminder emails to shoppers and motivates them to complete a purchase. It follows optimal email times to create maximum impact. This feature recovers on average 15% of BigCommerce users’ lost sales.

Single-Page Checkout 

BigCommerce’s single-page checkout creates a streamlined process that allows faster checkout and dedicated SSL support. Your customers will stay on your domain during checkout without being redirected to other websites. This feature improves conversion rate up to 12% by making your customers feel secure and easy during checkout. It’s also applicable to your mobile website as more shoppers are buying on their mobile devices.

Improve Searches with Filtering 

The filtered search feature helps shoppers find the product they want extremely quickly. The shoppers can easily find the product as they filter for things like size, color, brand and other custom attributes. Adding filter searches has the potential to increase conversion by as much as 10%. The filtered search can also provide other products through suggested searches which allow the shopper to view more products they otherwise wouldn’t have seen.

Built-in Coupons 

Who doesn’t love sales and discounts? BigCommerce has built-in discounting tools that can create flash sales, percentage discounts, shipping discounts, and other promotions. You can run a seamless promotion by customizing the discount rules. Discounts create an incentive for customers to make a purchase and hence increase your sales.

Product Reviews 

You don’t need a third-party app to set up product reviews for your website. BigCommerce offers this built-in feature that can boost sales and generate better SEO. You can set up the tool to automatically email your customers to ask a review after the purchase.

Recently Viewed Products 

To keep your products in a customer’s mind while he or she is quickly clicking through your pages, recently viewed products is a great feature to use. It shows up at the bottom of the product page and reminds your customers what they have just viewed. With several reminders, it can spark their interest to add that item to the shopping cart.

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